Thursday, April 30, 2009

100 days, 1,360 days to go oh my!

I have never known someone who loves the limelight as much as Obama does. This guy seems to be on television about every week. In fact, he has caused American Idol to change its airing night during his last two press conferences. He was on again last night on American Idol night, but American Idol was not postponed. I realize Barack Hussein Obama (who is mad I said Hussein?) is America's and Europe's Idol, but I would prefer to watch the original American Idol on Fox not the George Soros created American Idol Barack Obama.

With baited breath, Americans sit in anticipation to see their American idol bloviate about how he is saving the world and parting the red seas. Obama enters the room as the press sits with gaping mouths wide-open. The reporters know they are sitting in front of greatness. A deafening silence permeates the room as the press awaits the master's voice. Barack Obama makes a short speech and then begins to take questions. The rejoinder of each question posed to the "one" took an average of ten minutes. I wonder how he did on timed tests in high school – probably not very well. My guess is by the time he finished one question, the rest of the class was done. He once again enlightens us to the fact that he closed Guantanamo Bay but he neglects to tell us that he has no idea what to with the detainees. He tried to off-load them on his trip to Europe because he believed the Europeans would not only shower him with praise but they would acquiesce to his demands. They did shower him with praise, but they offered little. France offers to take one detainee, Spain offers to take six. Beyond that, Europe gave nothing. So what to do - we will probably give the rest of the detainee's citizenship, ask them not to be bad, and send them on their ways. Obama was then asked if the influenza outbreak would cause him to close the borders. He hummed and hawed, and then said he can't do that. I mean – "come on" Had he done that it would be more difficult to grant the illegal Mexicans citizenship, and he needs them to completely obliterate the Republican Party.

I loved his response on torture. Let me make this perfectly clear, waterboarding is torture. Somehow I don't think he convinced many people, because it was the only question where there were follow-up questions. Did you not hear me; waterboarding violates our ideals and our values. I could care less if it might save tens of thousands of lives, I will not use waterboarding, we are better than that. I would rather you die than to violate my ideals. The Field Manual allows me to yell at the prisoners, so that is what I will do.He stamps his feet a few times in hopes we believe him. He might have to waterboard us to get us to really believe him. Okay, so I used artistic license with what he said. I was reading between the lines. Obama says we could have gotten the information by other means, but how does he know that? The CIA memos state exactly the opposite. George Tenet and other intelligence officials all say that we could not have obtained the information any other way. Who cares anyway? The fact is we gathered the necessary information to stop attacks and save lives, and that is the issue. Obama also admitted to the fact that there were additional documents to which Dick Cheney had referred that showed the efficacy of enhanced interrogation methods, but he would not talk about them because they were still classified – so much for Obama's transparency. Transparency is good only if it shows how evil the United States is. He then moves on to Britain.

It was interesting that he invoked the name of Winston Churchill as his example of a reason not to torture. Barack Obama unceremoniously returned a bust of Winston Churchill to the British that was given to President Bush from Tony Blair after the attacks of 9/11. Britain also used extremely tough interrogation methods against the IRA. Britain's Special Air Service, (SAS) is a feared organization by terrorists. I am not sure where he is getting his information, but Britain was not a very good example.

Barack Obama says he will not have a rubber-stamp senate. Huh? I beg to differ. Both houses of congress had just passed a 3.5 trillion dollar budget which amounted to broad support for his healthcare plan and climate change bills – sounds like a rubber stamp to me.

And then with a straight face, the president said this:

And -- and that's why I'm always amused when I hear these, you know, criticisms of, "Oh, you know, Obama wants to grow government." No. I would love a nice, lean portfolio to deal with, but that's not the hand that's been dealt us".

Does he actually think people are going to believe that?

Barack Obama still continues the myth that he won't continue with Bush's eight years of failed policies. Bush's tax cuts spurred the economy after the dot-com crash and 9/11. What didn't work was the corruption and greed of those involved with the housing crisis and his excessive spending. The excessive spending is what Obama wants to continue. So, Obama takes what didn't work from Bush and puts it on steroids.

Of course, then we have to ask ourselves, if Barack Obama says that he is not going back to the failed policies of the Bush Administration, is he not reverting back to the failed anti-terrorist polices that were pre 9/11.

Obama says he will reduce the deficit in half in the middle of his first term. My question is how? In the dot-com bubble, investors said valuations no longer mattered – the bubble popped. In the housing crisis, seemingly intelligent people said housing prices will always go up (including my brother). They were wrong – the bubble popped. In today's scenario, it appears we can just print money without any consequences, but history is a guide. Argentina has tried it, Germany has tried it, and the list goes on. It will cause hyperinflation.

I thought I would jot down of few notes on Barack Obama's first 100 days. And, Just to show that I am not totally against everything Barack Obama has done, I have bolded the items which I think are good or semi-good.

  1. Obama spends one trillion dollars on a stimulus bill that he says will create 2 to 3 million jobs. Joe Biden says there is 25% chance we will get it wrong. The first quarter of this year, the economy retracted 6.1%. How is the stimulus package working again? No bother - it's still Bush's fault.
    1. The Stimulus Bill contains a "Buy American Provision" clause, and the EU threatens to retaliate.
    2. Obama says there is no pork in the bill, but the entire bill is pork. It is a Democratic wish list put together months before Barack Obama was president by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.
    3. Barack Obama promised congress and the voters five days to read the bill. They reneged on their promise, and rammed down our throats the 778 page, pork-laden monstrosity that no one read in less than 40 hours. This was his call for transparency.
  2. The Spending bill contains 9,000 earmarks. Barack Obama tries to justify it and says it was unfinished business from the Bush administration. Fails to remember the definition of veto.
  3. Obama talked of change but begins to appoint all Clinton retreads.
  4. Janet Napolitano is appointed secretary of homeland security and issues a propagaganda hit piece on the rise of Right Wing Extremism. The belief now is that right wing extremism is more dangerous than Radical Islam.
  5. Hillary Clinton is appointed Secretary of State.
  6. Barack Obama appoints Tim Geithner as treasury secretary even though he neglected to pay $34,000 in self-employment taxes plus $8,000 in interest giving him the name turbo tax Geithner, but then other appointments who failed to pay taxes begin to come out of the woodwork, Nancy Kellefer, nominated to a top budget post who has a tax lien on her DC home, and Tom Daschle nominated for secretary of state who failed to pay $140,000 in back taxes and interest (he withdrew his name). There were others I can't recall. Moral: If you want Democrats to pay their taxes, appoint them to a position in the administration.
  7. Obama campaigned against lobbyists, but it came to light that Tom Daschle was a lobbyist. Obama tries to excuse his lobbying saying he wasn't a registered lobbyist. Of course, he was paid two million dollars by a lobbying firm. Obama exempted another high profile lobbyist named William Lynn as the number two man at the Pentagon.
  8. Governor Bill Richardson was to be appointed commerce secretary but he withdrew his name after it was discovered the Grand Jury was looking into him because a major California company was making major political contributions for his political activities. We are to wonder once again about Barack Obama's vetting process.
  9. Eric Holder is appointed attorney general. He is notorious for being soft on crime. He does not believe individuals have the right to bear arms.
  10. Mercedes Marquez is appointed as Assistant Secretary for Community Planning and Development. Marquez was willing to pay Norma Wong a former legislator from Hawaii thousands of dollars to a Zen Buddhist Priest for training sessions in Zen Buddhism. Mercedes became a high priestess. Marquez was alleged to have purchased a condominium for herself and her partner that her department financed. She spent 5 million dollars on a computer for her department she later threw away.
  11. Barack Obama reveals his middle class tax cut (for 95% of the people.) It amounts to 13 dollars a paycheck to be reduced to eight dollars in January. Of course, those who live in California find out that the tax rebate will be reduced to -0-or less when the terminator increases fees and taxes on just about everything in his attempt to counter profligate spending by the California legislature.
  12. Barack Obama says he opposes the Fairness Doctrine, but there is speculation he might just call it something else.
  13. Barack Obama snubs the Prime Minister of England Gordon Brown when he gives the Prime Minister a set of DVDs of 25 classic American movies. The Prime Minister gives Obama a pen holder fashioned from the oak timber of HMS Gannet, a navy vessel that served on anti-slavery missions off Africa. Obama was also given a framed commissioning paper for the HMS Resolute, a Royal Navy ship that came to symbolize British-American goodwill when it was rescued by the U.S. from icebergs and given to Queen Victoria. It is the sister ship of the HMS Gannet.
  14. On their trip to England, Barack Obama apparently didn't learn his lesson. The narcissist Obama gives Queen Elizabeth an Ipod filled with his speeches. Now she can hear how Obama intends to part the seas.
  15. Barack Obama authorizes the use of lethal force in the death of three pirates by Navy Seals who kidnapped the crew of an American Vessel.
  16. Barack Obama supports Bush's use of wiretapping.
  17. Barack Obama follows through on one of his campaign pledges by decimating our military.
  18. Ben Bernanke appears on 60 minutes to tell voters how fast the government is printing money.
  19. Obama travels to Europe as an apologist for the United States, and effectively convinces the continent that we do indeed torture. He comes back with virtually nothing. In the same trip, he says Turkey should be part of the European Union. This angers French Prime Minister Sarkozy. Adding Turkey would add 70 million Muslims to the EU which the EU can ill-afford. Sarkozy begins to doubt Obama's leadership, and effectively tells him to butt out of EU's affairs.
  20. Barack Obama continues his trip to Latin America where he cozies up to Hugo Chavez and Daniel Ortega. Chavez gives him an anti-American book and Ortega spews out a 50 minute anti-American diatribe, and Barack's answer is that he was glad he was only three years old when it happened.
  21. Barack Obama begins withdrawal of Iraqi forces, and to the consternation of the far-left, sends troops to Afghanistan.
  22. The idiocy of Barack Obama's appointment of Timothy Geithner was proven when Geithner announced his non-economic plan for financial institutions. Investors were waiting on pins and needles to hear his economic plan, but when he had no specifics of what he was intending to do, the market immediately dropped 200 points.
  23. Radical Leftist activist Rosa Brooks is appointed as a top advisor in the Pentagon with access to top military secrets.
  24. Jeffrey Immelt, the CEO that has driven GE into the ground, and who has continuously done business with Iran, was appointed as a top economic advisor to Barack Obama's team. General Electric is poised to garner millions of dollars from Obama's stimulus package for green energy at a time when General Electric is flailing. NBC and MSNBC owned by General Electric has been a mouthpiece for Barack Obama. Barack Obama and Jeffrey Immelt are definitely in bed together.
  25. CIA memos are released detailing enhanced interrogation methods and the efficacy of the program. He does not release additional documents that proved how effective these interrogation methods were. The release of these documents demoralizes the CIA. He states that he is going to succumb to ACLU's demand by releasing photos of detainee abuse at Guantanamo Bay to further show how evil the United States is. It is discovered that Nancy Pelosi and other top Democrats knew about the enhanced interrogation methods including waterboarding.
  26. In less than two days, Barack Obama wavered from he wouldn't prosecute agents of the CIA to he would leave it open for prosecutions back to he wouldn't prosecute.
  27. To top off his 100 days, Barack Obama decided to scare the daylights out of New Yorkers by flying a 747 with two jets near the twin towers at a low altitude at a cost to taxpayers of more than $300,000. I think there is more to the story than we are being told.

What is next ---

  1. Cap and trade that will dramatically increase energy prices
  2. Nationalized health care which will dramatically reduce the quality of care. We will also see rationed care.
  3. More spending
  4. Inflation

I only have this to say - It sure feels a lot longer than 100 days, but no - we have 1,360 more days of this lunacy assuming its only four years.

Now where are the counter voices and leadership of the Republican Party? Where is Ronnie?


Virginia Gómez said...

Narcissist. Obama is getting overly conceited: he poked his nose into the UE´s business, he gave his speeches inside that Ipod to the Queen Elizabeth, he acts like he was a Hollywood superstar... It´s too soon to overstimate Obama, it seems his new power is going to his heard.

and yeah, he encourages Americans to spend the money they don´t have... Is that intelligent?

Mark, thanks for this review.


ps. I cannot find the exact translation for "waterboard". Do we have a Spanish expression for that?

Mark said...

Hi Virginia,

I sent you a message via facebook, but I thought I would post part of it here too since that was a good question.

I was trying to find the word for waterboarding in Spanish. It seems like everyone says something different. I downloaded the pdf file that Garzon filed with the Spanish courts, and this is what he called it.

Utilización de asfixia por toallas mojadas o goteo de agua para inducirle a la errónea percepción de ahogamiento

Now that is the definition, but he never used waterboarding. Now a board is tabla in the sense of waterboarding. So your guess is good as mine lol.

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