Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tea Party, USA

Tea Parties to protest government bailouts and government spending are sprouting up all over the U.S..

Pajama Media states why he is attending a tea party

Likewise my participation is not an act of opposition to the Obama administration. I go out to the tea party to represent the things that I’m for. I’m for capitalism and the free market, not merely against government paternalism that dictates price controls while determining winners and losers. While not a universal sentiment among tea party attendees, I’m for the fair tax. With the economic mess we’re in, we need to grow this economy and free the engine of free enterprise in a way that no other tax reform can do.

Government needs to grasp the idea of affordability. We’ve been led by politicians who believe they are godlike, infinite in their ability to spend money to solve problems. Back in the 1990s, we were told we didn’t need a balanced budget amendment because we had surpluses. We need one now to once and for all put a stop to the overspending.

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