Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Goodbye to Mari Trini

Muere Mari Trini.

Mari Trini, one of my favorite singers of the 70s from Murcia Spain, after a long illness, died today.

Listen to Amores by Mari Trini

Listen to Ayúdala by Mari Trini

Listen to 1972 Interview (in Spanish) by Mari Trini

Mari Trini reciting poetry (1973 - Spanish)

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Joey Dias said...

Hmmmm, neither my mom nor Dad knew who she was.

Weren't you going to send me an e-mail about some other things that I can do with my blog? because I didn't get it.

did you read my second blog at http://theretearn.blogspot.com?There is a link to my second blog on my first blog

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