Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Hero Freed

Captain Richard Phillips was finally freed after a tense standoff with the U.S. Navy. The captain is a true hero who traded his life for that of his fellow crewmen.

US Navy seals used a daring rescue plan and with lightening speed overtook the Somali pirates in the dead of night. Four pirates were killed and one pirate was wounded. Captain Richard Phillips was unharmed. The AP reports that the Somali pirate's lifeboat was stalked by US warships and helicopters after negotiations fell through.

In a press conference in Mombasa, Kenya, some of the crewmen said they were under attack for a week. The captain made an attempted escape but was recaptured. They said the pirate's plan did not work. They were running scared. The engineer stated that the pirates never had control of the ship. The crewmen were tenacious. The crewmen praised both the engineer and the captain as heroes. The crewmen said that there were events that were published by the media that should not have been published that terrified the Somali pirates. This jeopardized the lives of the crewmen and the lives of the individuals who were trying to save them.

The pirate who was caught should be put to death according to piracy laws, but it probably won't happen. We will probably house him with better surroundings than with what he is used to in his home country, give him the Koran, provide him with ACLU lawyers and feed him five star four course meals.

Since Obama is commander in chief, he is the ultimate one who deserves credit for not wavering in the rescue attempt. Obama announced his pleasure that the crewmen were safe. The White House confirmed that president Obama authorized the use of lethal force in the rescue operation of Captain Phillips.

Now we should go to Somalia and bomb the entire place to smithereens like Reagan did 23 years ago with Qaddafi. Reagan ordered the bombing of Tripoli, Libya in an attempt to assassinate Muammar al Qaddafi. Qaddafi's son was killed. Because of the bombing, we did not hear from Qaddafi until he gave up his nuclear weapon stockpile after 9/11.

There are still 200 mariners that are held hostage.

The crewmen will truly have a happy Easter


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