Monday, April 20, 2009

Please help pay off Hillary's debt

The Clintons are now offering prizes to help pay off Hillary's debt.

you get to

1) Spend the day with Bill Clinton
2) Attend the American Idol Season Finale
3) Spend the day in Washington DC with James Carville or Paul Bengala

I think I will pick number two or maybe I will keep my money. Here is the letter

Dear XXXX,

Imagine yourself walking into an exclusive event in New York accompanied by none other than President Clinton.

Picture yourself in California as part of the live audience of the most hotly anticipated TV finale.

Think about sitting across from James Carville and myself discussing politics in the shadow of our Nation's Capital.

Well you don't have to imagine just have to pick. And if it were up to me, I’d pick door number three.

By clicking here and making a contribution of even as low as $5 you could be on your way to one of these three once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. So don't imagine, just click.

Make a $5 contribution today, and you could be on your way to one of these once in a lifetime opportunities!

Your contribution today will mean so much more than just a chance to take part in these fantastic prizes. It will also mean a great deal to our friend, Hillary Clinton.

We've paid off most of Hillary's presidential campaign debt and your gift today will help us get rid of the final bit that remains.

Hillary Clinton has meant so much to me over the years as I know she has to you as well. So when they asked me to take part in this once in a lifetime contest, I was compelled to act. I hope you will be too.


Paul Begala

P.S. Remember these prizes are only available online and only for a limited time, so please don't delay in acting. Click here to enter today!

Hey wasn't Barack Obama suppose to get his contributors to help her?

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