Tuesday, April 21, 2009

World, please love me – I am only human and besides I am better than Bush.

So as dusk falls, and Obama silently leaves Latin America, he leaves with a somber heart as he ponders," Why did Daniel Ortega say that about America when I was sitting right there? Why did Hugo Chavez hand me that anti-American book so the world could see. Don't they get it? I just want them to love me. I am not Bush. Bush did mean things and I am a nice guy – can't they see that?"

The naiveté of liberals never ceases to amaze me. Even European leaders questioned Obama's capability. Sarkozy opined,

"Mr. Obama, has a subtle mind, very intelligent and very charismatic. But he was elected two months ago and never ran a ministry in his life. He doesn't have a position on a number of things. He is not always operating at a level of decision-making and efficiency"

Obama's European trip proved to be an abysmal failure. It did not "wow" the European leaders as presupposed by the American electorate. European leaders and their constituents may have fawned over him, but they gave him nothing. In the wake of Obama's European vacation, the world begins to snub Obama. Iran sentences former beauty queen and freelance journalist with dual citizenship Roxana Saberi to eight years in prison after a mock trial for spying. The Iranians possess not one shred of evidence against her. North Korea tests a missile, and we do nothing except tell North Korea "please, don't do it again." Russia won't help with Iran; China won't help with North Korea. There are 241 prisoners in Guantanamo and Barack Obama has promised to close it down in large part to appease our European friends, but what is the cooperation he gets from Europe. France will take one prisoner, Austria will take none and Spain on Informe Semanal, Spain's 60 minutes, reports Spain will take six detainees. Now if my calculations are correct, that leaves uh hum 234. Of course, we can use the Interior Minister Maria Fekter of Austria's logic, "If they're not dangerous, why not just keep them in America. Informe Semanal called the situation in Guantanamo probably one of the biggest examples of violation against human rights in a Democracy. Steve Forbes said of Obama's G-20 summit in London, "Obama's closing statement sounded tentative as if he were looking for guidance from others as to what the U.S. should do." Since the European trip turned out to be a failure, Obama heads off to Latin America for a little more cajoling.

The silliness of Obama's world tour continues when he meets with Chicagoan type thugs, Hugo Chavez and Daniel Ortega. Chavez shakes Obama's hand and gives him an anti-American book, Open veins of Latin America: Five Centuries of Pillage of a Continent by Uruguayan journalist Eduardo Galeano. Fox News reports that the book has shot from 54,278 up to number two at Amazon.com. Do you think Chavez is getting a kick back from the sales? Hugo Chavez has previously called Obama "an ignoramus" and Bush "El Diablo." Obama has probably a lot more in common with this book than one might think. And then in vintage Ortega, Obama receives a 50 minute diatribe from Ortega on American imperialism. Obama doesn't only stay quiet, but takes the opportunity to say he was only three and a half months old when it all occurred. Argentina's president Cristina Kirchner who is also on Chavez's payroll and whose own economic policies (in the style of Evita Peron) have been a failure harangued about America's role in the 1980s. But let me digress, back to Ortega.

I have been following Ortega since the start of his career. His first tenure as president or dictator of Nicaragua was in 1979, two years after I was married in Nicaragua's capital, Managua. Nicaragua has been devastated by Earthquakes, hurricanes and the ravages of the Sandinista war, but when Ortega took power he diverted all of its remaining resources to building up its military. He was to be the arm of the Soviet Union in Latin America. His rise to power caused a brain drain from Nicaragua. All the people with the smarts to run the country left. The saying was, "Nicaragua is left with Sandinistas and old people." Although Anastasio Somoza was corrupt, Nicaragua was growing. Somoza was also an ally of the United States. We want Latin America Leaders who believe in Democracy and free trade, not leaders who ally themselves with our enemies (i.e: the Soviet Union and Iran.) Both the left and the right in Latin America tend to be corrupt, so the goal in Latin America should be to seek out allies as its primary concern, not root out the corruption. Nicaragua's economy has since fallen off a cliff partly as a result of Ortega's decade of populist economic policies which included a trade embargo from the United States. Ortega was a threat then and he remains a threat now and we now know that activity from Iran's Republican Guard has been observed in Nicaragua.

Jimmy Carter withdrew his support from Anastasio Somoza in the late 70s and began supporting the Sandinistas. He did it in the mistaken belief that once the Sandinistas were in power, they would be pro-American. He was wrong. Helping the Sandinistas to power did not endear the Sandinistas to America even though it was Carter who gave them the victory. In fact, the line in the Sandinista hymn stated their feelings towards America, "we fight against the Yankee the enemy of humanity." License plates throughout Nicaragua read, "Nicaragua Libre." Or "Free Nicaragua." But Nicaragua was far from free. When the Sandinistas took control of Nicaragua in 1979, there was a tsunami of political refugees that came from Nicaragua to America. It is for this reason that political refugees from Nicaragua tend to be Republican because they remember how Carter betrayed the Somoza regime. Ortega has not changed his stripes. He remains virulently anti-American, and he will remain so. His thirst for power is equivalent to that of Hugo Chavez, and he will continue to keep Nicaragua mired in poverty.

But Obama and his cronies won't learn from history. They will continue to think you can make nicety nice with Latin American thugs. President Obama will continue his role as Don Quixote accompanied by his faithful and loyal squire Sancho Panza or Joe Biden tilting at windmills. Obama sees not thugs but friends to be won over. How many times will he need to be embarrassed to realize that he needs to take care of the interests of the United States and not worry about the needs and wants of two-bit dictators from Latin America.

Good news: The captured Somali pirate will be tried as an adult.

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at least there is one bit of good news in this economic and political mess.

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