Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Barack Obama Opposes "The Fairness Doctrine"

Bill Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and a myriad of Democratic pols have been pushing for reinstating "The Fairness Doctrine." "The Fairness Doctrine" is anything but fair. It is just a way of suppressing free speech. It is the liberal's way of muzzling conservative talk radio. Of couse, that begs the question, what about MSNBC? PBS? the New York Times? Different view points from the entire political spectrum should be allowed, but certain speech should not be foisted on different media by the government. If "The Fairness Doctrine" were reinstated, there would be such a backlash, that it would be a war I do not think the Democrats would want.

Whatever the reason, to Barack Obama's credit, he told Fox News today that he was against the reinstatement of "The Fairness Doctrine." I give credit where credit is due. Hopefully, this will silence members of congress who continue to call for Reinstatement of "The Fairness Doctrine", and the suppression of free speech.

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