Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Free Breakfast Anyone?

And so it was, in these times of economic woe, we gazed in wonderment at the Denny's free Grand Slam Breakfast ad that was aired during the third quarter of the Super Bowl. Was it true? Was Denny's really going to give out free breakfasts? Come in for a free Gran Slam Breakfast the ad would say as it beckoned fans of all ages. Free breakfast – now that is an advertisement. An estimated one billion people watched this ad, and ads during the Super Bowl are not cheap? Denny's paid between two to three million dollars for the ad according to news sources. What could Denny's be thinking?

I ventured out to dine at Denny's on Mowry Blvd off of 880 in Fremont. I mean, "come on" who can resist a free Breakfast. I arrived at Denny's and I saw a line of people that went out the door and around the corner waiting for a free breakfast. The line was orderly, but every once in a while someone would yell some kind of statement to let us know he was there. "Hey Buddy! Turn off that camera!" and "Obama really did come through" were some of the curt sentences I heard.

I thought to myself, "What could a Grand Slam cost if you had to pay for it?" – Five or six dollars at the most. Was it worth standing in line for a couple of hours to eat a free breakfast? By the time you get inside, you would be famished and order more food. Perhaps Denny's was counting on that. Apparently, everywhere you went to find a Denny's, there were long lines. I didn't think it was worth standing in line, so I left and went elsewhere to eat.

I still remember the Grand Slam Breakfast ad with its catchy phrase, "a dollar ninety-nine, are you out of your mind." My mother would repeat it incessantly. I think she liked the ad. I am waiting for a comeback. I think I will be waiting for a long time. But, I guess in this time of uncertainty, where thousands have lost their jobs, a free breakfast at Denny's just might have been what the doctor ordered. So, whatever their motive – Kudos to Denny's.

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