Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Theft of America by Barack Obama

An era of progressive change is within reach, no longer an idle dream, just look at the new lay of the land, a friend of labor and its allies sits in the White House. Sam Webb, Chair of the Communist Party, USA

Lie of the day: "This Bill does not have a single earmark in it." Barack Obama

We are about to witness one of the greatest tragedies in American History – the fleecing of America. We are witnessing a government out of control, a government that cannot tell the difference between welfare and tax cuts or a government that cannot tell the difference between economic stimulus and government spending. This government is broke yet the government wants to spend almost one trillion dollars on a stimulus plan that will do absolutely nothing. Does anyone really believe this plan will raise 2 to 3 million jobs? Of course, in Obama's press conference that figure went to four million jobs. He keeps changing the goal post. Barack Obama tells us if we do not pass this stimulus plan, we may not be able to reverse this economic slowdown. Watch me pull a number out of my hat? The truth is, if history is our guide, and we pass this stimulus plan, we may prolong this recession possibly making it longer and deeper.

On Fox News, Joe Biden said, "there is a 30% chance we will get it wrong." We are spending almost a trillion dollars $1,000,000,000,000 with only a two-thirds chance of getting it right, hmmm, we are in trouble. Imagine you are a financial analyst, and you tell your boss, "I have the revenue numbers but there is a 30% chance we will not hit them." I think he would tell you to start over. I will say this to Joe Biden - we have a virtual 100% chance of getting it wrong if we pass this theft act. If one trillion dollars is suppose to give 3 million people a job, why doesn't Obama just give 3 million people 300,000 dollars (which equals three trillion dollars for the mathematically challenged) to start their own businesses. How is that for getting the economy started? That would have a better success rate then throwing money at every pet project under the sun.

Obama tells us economists across the nation tell us that we need to pass this stimulus plan or we will end up in another Great Depression. When President Hoover was about to pass the Smoot-Hawley act, (a tariff on foreign imports), one thousand twenty-eight economists wrote a letter to Hoover urging the president to veto the legislation. Countries around the world threatened to retaliate. Hoover proceeded undaunted and signed the legislation, Smoot-Hawley became law, and all the predictions came true. By 1934, world trade had declined 66% at a time when we needed the trade. The United States became an isolationist country, and the effect was to deepen the Depression. As with Hoover, hundreds of economists and here have signed a letter warning against Obama's stimulus plan, but Obama and his co-conspirators Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have ignored the warnings because it doesn't match up to their preconceived ideas. As with Hoover, it will prove to be their downfall.

Here are just a few provisions of this bill. The entire bill is similar to the items enumerated below.

  1. Tax cuts – 100 billion dollars of these so-called tax cuts are in the form of checks for people who do not pay taxes. If you do not pay taxes, how is this a tax cut? Checks are also not tax cuts no matter how you slice it even if you did pay taxes. President Bush gave tax rebates twice and they did not work. President Bush also required social security numbers to be eligible for the tax rebates. In the stimulus bill, you only need a tax ID number. Tax ID numbers are issued to illegal immigrants so they can pay taxes. Illegal immigrants have been going home because of the economy. This is the reason for the decrease in remittances to Mexico as reported by Western Union. So, now we are going to encourage the illegal immigrants to stay by sending them checks. Most of these checks will be sent to Mexico anyway. How is this supposed to stimulate the economy?
  2. Buy American – Whether the Buy Provision stays in the bill is yet to be determined. The Buy Provision is similar to the Smoot-Hawley act in that it requires iron, steel and manufactured goods to be purchased in the U.S. The European Union has already promised retaliatory action if the provision stays in. Where have we seen that before?
  3. E-Verify - Harry Reid has blocked e-verify, the program that ensures that legal Americans obtain jobs from the stimulus package, not illegal immigrants. So, on the one hand, the government tries to keep American jobs in the U.S. by cutting off global trade, and on the other hand, we block a program designed to ensure that Americans are the ones being employed by the so-called stimulus plan, not illegal aliens.
  4. Health Information Technology - 20.2 billion dollars goes to automating medical records. My first question is why is the government involved in this? Automation is a good thing if you are trying to make an office more efficient, but how does it create jobs? Automation actually eliminates jobs. Automation in private enterprise is part of the creative destruction process of capitalism. It displaces workers – it does not create jobs. This is a database for the government to begin its socialized health care - the trojan horse.
  5. Global Warming – There are all kinds of provisions for unproven technologies for the man-made global warming myth. There is even global warming research. How is that suppose to stimulate the economy? For all Obama's rhetoric, there is nothing about nuclear energy even though he said he was supposed to be pro-nuclear during the campaign, the cleanest form of energy. Of course, anyone with sense should have known he was lying. Sweden is the latest country to lift its ban on nuclear power. And, what about natural gas which we have in abundance?

    Dr Bill Wattenburg estimates that all the wind, water and solar energy would only amount to 10% of the U.S. energy needs.

Obama says we cannot continue the failed policies of the last eight years. That was part of Obama's campaign rhetoric – did he forget he is now president? President Bush was reelected because the economy and the country were going strong. The economy was going strong because of his tax cuts. The economy continued to grow for six years. Bush's tax cuts worked and the recession that began in the US economy after the dot-com crash and the tragedy of 9-11 was quickly reversed. This economic crisis began with the mortgage crisis from lenders lending to people who couldn't afford to buy a house and had no business in buying a house, and the government encouraging such practices. It was because of fraud and deceit on both the lender and borrower egged on by federal laws such as the community reinvestment act and quasi-government agencies like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Even Barack Obama said during his press conference that it was due to exorbitant and wild risks by the banks. So, does Barack Obama really know what he is talking about?

Recently we have heard a lot about deflation concerns. Deflation is when currency becomes more valuable every day, rarer and scarcer. We see deflation right now in the housing industry. Credit has become tighter, and consumers believe prices will continue to fall so they hold on to their cash. As more and more houses foreclose, housing inventories rise and consumers hold on to their wallets. Hence, currency becomes more valuable relative to houses. This was the problem in the Great Depression but on a much wider scale. Money virtually ran out. Hoover's economic policies at the onset of the Great Depression were devastating. He kept tightening the money supply preventing banks from lending money. He kept wages high at a time when wages wanted to come down. This ate into the profits of companies and the eventual result was more layoffs. He then cut off global trade with the Smoot-Hawley act. All these actions resulted in shutting off the currency valve allowing deflation to take hold and the economic downturn to deepen.

Inflation of course is the converse of deflation where products become more valuable than currency. In a growing economy, inflation of a couple of percentage points is not only acceptable but desirable, because it is indicative of a growing economy. The Fed can control inflation by tightening or loosening the money supply. By keeping a strong dollar and government spending in check, inflation can be controlled. There are three ways a government can raise revenue; taxing its citizens, borrowing money, or printing money. The government should not raise taxes in a faltering economy because that will deepen an economic slowdown. The government lends money by issuing treasury bills. China and India are the two biggest borrowers of U.S. debt but those economies are slowing down rapidly. China currently holds 1 trillion dollars of US debt, and it has shown signs of slowing down its purchasing of U.S. treasuries. That of course doesn't even account for what it costs to service the debt. The other alternative is to print money. If you don't have the money, you print it. When times are tough financial institutions, companies, and individuals hold on to their cash because they feel uneasy about the future. When the economy does right itself, and companies begin to spend, and individuals begin to spend, any excess capital the government has printed will cause rapid inflation. Too few products will be chasing too much capital resulting in hyperinflation and higher interest rates (high interest rates are imposed in vain attempts to curb the inflation). This is no different than what happened in Argentina or in Germany's Weimar Republic. You cannot keep printing money without consequences.

Huge infrastructure spending has been tried to no avail to lift up economies. Both Hoover and Roosevelt poured money into infrastructure and it did little to lift the economy out of the Depression. Herbert Hoover spent more in infrastructure during his four years than in the 20 years prior. In 1931 the unemployment rate was 17.4% and in 1940 the unemployment rate was 14.6% - virtually the same. Obama says the lessons of the Great Depression have been resolved, then why is he repeating the same mistakes? The question of the Great Depression should not be did World War 2 get us out of the Great Depression? The question should be should be why did it last ten years? Japan is the most recent case of infrastructure spending throughout the 1990s, and it's spending did nothing. The 1990s in Japan is referred to as the lost decade. In 1989, the Nikkei 225 index stood at 38,916, by April 2003 it bottomed at 7830, and today it stands at 7969. Barack Obama even mentioned the lost decade of Japan at his press conference. This should have been an argument against spending not for spending. He said Japan never did any bold action to reverse its recession. Huh? Japan quadrupled their debt on infrastructure. The spending and borrowing in Japan did absolutely nothing. The idea that the government throws money at indiscriminate projects in hopes of lifting an economy is a pipe dream. It has never worked. We do not learn from history or the experience of other nations.

We should not be surprised of this outcome however. When Barack Obama was elected president I hoped against hope that he would indeed be a different kind of president than his campaign suggested. But, he is proving to be the socialist he has always been. We knew who Obama was, and he made no qualms about it. He is a populist leftist president with extraordinary oratory skills and that is the danger. This is truly Bush's legacy. By Bush's own actions, we have been left with a neophyte who understands nothing of history or the fundamentals of economics, and he will in the end leave this country in shambles. This so-called stimulus act is not intended to grow the economy. The purpose is to spread the money around to every kind of special interest group to keep the Democrats firmly entrenched in power. If you are receiving money from the government dole, why would you vote that party out of office? What will this generational theft act of 2009 do to your savings? When hyperinflation sets in, and it will certainly be guaranteed to do so. Your 401ks, your savings and anything else you counted on in retirement will devalue at unprecedented rates. Your children will have the burden of paying this off. Our country will no longer be the country it once was. Barack Obama says "doing nothing is not an option." That is where he is wrong. Doing nothing is probably the best option if this stimulus package is an example of government intervention.

The Dow Jones fell 358 points as of this writing. The market does not like this stimulus package



angie said...

this is one of the best articles i have read in sometime and agree with what is in it. why cant others see the whole picture of the direction we are headed. i am losing the relationship with my dad due to he claims im against obama and his policies due to he is black. so he is saying im a racist. i dont like nor do i trust obama and the people he has chosen. i have been watching and listening since the election for once in my life i voted and know i made the right choice. people need to listen just as they did at election time and not tune it out. just as my dad is doing to me. wake up americans!!

Anonymous said...

This is from a friend, Marco Zepeda in Michoacan Uruapan.

Y Que conste, yo si que leo todas tus cartas, aunque no este de acuerdo, con algunos, topicos., pero al fin y al cabo, yo que puedo opinar. Lo que si es que no deberias quejarte, tanto., si es malo EL NEGRITO dejenlo, ahora es tu presidente, al cual la mayoria de tus paisanos votaron por el, y te guste o no tienes que apoyarlo y jalar parejo... Ademas porque te quejas tanto, nosotros tenemos, mas de quinientos años de explotacion, primero con los Españoles, y franceses., y luego con los:PINCHES, Arabes, Judios y Gringos, y que nosotros por pendejos nos dejamos que nos enseñaran, LOS ESPEJITOS. Claro nosotros siempre, de buena fe. Y luego nos metieron, la cocacola, que es mierda,y sus alimentos chatarra, que dicho sea de paso no nos alimentan en nada. Ahora viendolo bien, sus anteriores presidentes, han hecho sus movidas de acuerdo a sus propios intereses, nos robaron, la mitad de nuestro territorio y siguen haciendo sus movidas bancarias especulando con la moneda. y todo para que se chingue ., el resto del mundo.... pero no ustedes, los que pagamos los platos rotos somos nosotros, de esto ni se preocupen, porque nuestros gobernantes, se van de la mano con los suyos y se benefician entre ellos, y el pueblo porque tiene que pagar las consecuencias de actos sin razon y con consecuencias, en contra de lesa humanidad.

Espero, que sepas leer mi español, y no te fijes en mis faltas de ortografia, ya que por no tener los recursos necesarios, para mi educacion integral, tuve que aprender a escribir aunque sea con faltas de ortografia, durante el tiempo que llevo de vida, he tenido que modificar mis habitos de vida., y es porque aunque he sido trabajador toda mi vida, a mi no me alcanza para satisfacer todas mis espectativas., trabajo desde los nueve años, vendiendo en las calles del DISTRITO FEDERAL, y aqui en Uruapan, casi toda mi vida tuve que ayudar a mis padres a sostener la casa familiar y luego me tuve que ir a EUA
y hasta la fecha sigo trabajando, sin esperanza de un dia jubilarme, y que alguien me de una pension. Es mi opinion si quieres subirla a tu blog.

Jorge said...

I enjoyed reading your blog, Marcos.................. Zepeda, and yours also Mark, lol. Although I am not a socialist, I do have a problem with people like Marcos Z. working their whole life and not being able to retire comfortably. I also have a problem with people who work in restaurants and can not afford to take their families there for dinner because they do not get paid enough to do so. The same for people who work in hotels and can not afford to stay the night there because they can not afford it. I have a problem with people who work two jobs and can barely afford a roof over their head and food to feed their family. They make others rich but the same people that exploit them then turn around and complain that those immigrants are around in the first place. Many justify this as "capitalism". I see it more like a system that oppresses the poor and keeps them in that state for the benefit of a few who were deal better cards from their family or from their ancestors who stole those cards from the natives, the blacks, the Mexicans, the Asians............ and the Iraqis in the first place. As much as people want to pretend we are all on equal footing, the reality is we are not. Some people have the tools and money to exploit, others have a family to feed so they sell themselves for 8 to 16 hours a day to employers they never even meet because they are out traveling the world, enjoying the fruits of capitalism. Conste que no soy socialista!!! Jorge

Anonymous said...

I live in a socialistic society that was once communistic. They claim democracy but it really isn't. After reading Jorge's blog, I decided to write. There is a big difference between idealism and realism and many in Jorge's shoes believe in idealism. My ideas are complicated and too much for this place, but let me say this. Obama is a radical with muslim roots. He has been lying all his life to get where he is (much more than most politicians if you want to use that argument), he lied throughout his campaign and reneged on some of the most basics in integrity, etc. Obama's plans will not work - 100%. Obama does not know history, he is an illegal president and he will do exactly what my brother states - but I think it'll be worse. Al Queda only needs one more good attack and the world economies may go into a tailspin. Be prepared!

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