Saturday, September 1, 2007

An update update

Here is an update to my last two entries on All European Life died in Auschwitz I wrote to the editor of the on-line magazine, and she responded. First, I will post her reply in Spanish and you can read the translation below.

Gracias por leernos y escribir a Sobre Sebastián Vivar Rodríguez no es mucho lo que podemos ampliar. Sabemos que es español y que escribió ese texto que nos hizo llegar, pero realmente es imposible asegurar que no usó un seudónimo, sin embargo el contenido es soberbio, verdadero, contudente...

quedamos a sus órdenes.

Saludos a nombre de todo el equipo periodístico
Eleonora Bruzual


Thank you for reading our on-line magazine and writing to concerning Sebasitan Vivar Rodriguez. There is not much we can add. We know he is Spanish and he wrote that text to which you refer, but it is really impossible to ascertain whether or not he used a pesudonym, neverthless, the content is sobering, true, convincing....

We remain at your disposal

Greetings from all of the journalistic team
Eleonora Bruzual

So to that I add Caso Cerrado (Case Closed)

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