Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Summons for Jury Service

We recieved in the mail today a Summons for Jury Service for the Superior Court of California for my father-in-law. My father-in-law, a native of Nicaragua, and a Naturalized Citizen lived with us for several years. So the government did get the address right. But, there is only one slight little problem. He died a couple years ago. He received SSI while he was alive, and we notified SSI that he was deceased and all the other proper authorities. This is our government at work. The government sends notices to deceased people. I wonder if we had not notified the Social Security Administration if his SSI checks would have continued without any followup. My guess is "yes."

The Democrats still love the government, from cradle to grave, even with such egregious errors like sending notices for Jury Duty to dead people. And now get ready for Hillarycare round two, another government bureaucracy that will add billions of dollars to government entitlements. Hillary plans to pay for it by removing the Bush tax cuts (in other words increasing taxes). I am going to make a prediction. When this happens, you will see this economy go into recession. Any wagers?

I have decided not to call the Superior Court and let them know about my father-in-law. Maybe the court will put a warrant out for his arrest. I can tell the court where he can be found. He is buried in Nicaragua. Maybe I should sell his social security number to an illegal immigrant. I could probably make money on that one too, but I won't. But I can guarantee, people are selling social security numbers of deceased individuals to illegal immigrants every day.

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