Friday, September 21, 2007

May I have this dance Ahmadinejad?

Has the Bush administration gone mad???? Why is Ahmadinejad coming to the United States? Did the administration forget we are at war with radical Islam?

Since 9/11, the patriot act has allowed for the denial of Visas of foreigners with ties to terrorism. That is a good thing, but instead of denying Ahmadinejad’s visa, a sworn enemy, we have invited him to sup with us. This administration still doesn’t get it. (of course, the Democrats get it even less.)

Below are but a few examples of visa denials since 9/11. It is right that the administration deny these visas:

March 4, 2005 Dora María Tellez denied visa. She was granted a position at Harvard. She was tied to the 1979 Sandinista revolution in Nicaragua and the overthrow of the Somoza regime. She has been labeled a “terrorist” Nicaraguan professor.

Many other Nicaraguan prominent officials had their visas denied both from the Left and the Right for either corruption charges (commonplace in Nicaragua) or for terrorist links. Sandinistas were automatically denied.

Tariq Ramadan, a Swiss Muslim considered one of the foremost scholars of Islam in the West was denied a visa in 2004.

Waskar Ari, a Bolivian scholar of history, and scholar of Islam was denied a visa when he was offered a position to teach at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln.

Ahmadinejad has definite links to terrorism. He was involved in the 1979 kidnapping of the American hostages. He was responsible for supplying the arms to Hezbollah with the recent war in Israel. He continues his rhetoric on destroying Israel while at the same time denying the holocaust. He continues to send in insurgents into Iraq killing Americans. He continues his quest for a nuclear bomb. We have been at war with Ahmadinjad since the 1970s even if we seem to be in denial. This would have been like giving Hitler a Visa in the midst of World War ll.

Why has Senator Clinton not said anything? Is she not the Senator of New York? and what about the other Democratic candidates. Why do the Democrats seem to be silent only when it counts?

So now we have to wonder whether or not Ahmadinejad is going to visit ground zero. And, groups have to organize to protest his speaking at Columbia University. Only in an insane and delusional world can this happen.

I think the only person who really gets it is Ahmadinejad.


sims said...

Nice job passing some of the buck to Hillary. I keep forgetting she's Senator of the Airport, Sovereign over the UN, and also head of the State Department and the INS.

It's just not an argument without "But...but...Clinton!"

It's not just for Bill anymore!

Thoughts of a genius mind said...


You are right. It is Bush who is ultimately responsible for letting him in. But, put your place in the shoes of a Senator of a major city. Would it not outrage you to let a terrorist into the United States especially since we continually deny visas to others who have terrorist ties. Ahmadinejad is the worst of the worst, so I do blame Clinton. She is the Senator of New York, and she is supposed to be representing her city, so her silence is bizarre and it reveals a lot about who she is. If I were senator of New York, I would be furious, and I would let the world know

sims said...

She's still not the Senator of New York City, and her being furious about this has about as much bearing as her being furious about the MoveOn ad. The Bush State Department issued the visa, and MoveOn exercised it's right of free speech.

Anyone who pretended to be mad about either event is only posturing, and I'd rather save the outrage for...

Oh, take your pick.

It's really not fair to criticize people constantly when they speak, and not let up when they have the good sense to keep their damned fool mouths shut.

Rybu said...

Did you hear Rush yesterday (Monday)?

He was playing clips of Lee Bollinger at Columbia asking the tough questions of Ahmadinejad. Rush even said he would have asked the exact same things. Rush then basically criticized Bollinger for sharing the opinion because he is a liberal and liberals by their nature can't have the opinion that Ahmadinejad sponsors terrorism and that we are in a proxy war with Iran.

That is why I get so frustrated with Rush- he can't separate a liberal thought with the most leftist thoughts and opinions out there.

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