Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Larry Craig is back.

Now, Larry Craig is determined to take the GOP down with him. What is it with these Senators, Democrats and Republicans alike.

Tonight is another Republican debate, another dog and pony show, but who do you think will capture the headlines? It will be Larry Craig.

In the end, the voters will throw him out, and probably elect a Democrat in his place. There is no way he can be vindicated from this, because after all is said and done he plead guilty albeit a lesser charge. But, that is what always happens.

No Judge in his right mind is going to expunge his record. Do what is right and resign. Now, you just look more stupid.

Any Republican who doesn't believe Larry Craig is guilty should listen to the audio tape . Two things must happen for Senator Craig to be telling the truth. 1) The police officer is lying (what is the motive?) and 2) Larry Craig plead guilty to a lesser charge? (Again, what would be the motive?)

Resign Mr Craig, its in your country's best interest and in your best interest.

No one believes you.

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