Friday, August 31, 2007

An update

I would like to make clear the email in the entry below this entry reflects the sentiments of what is going on in Europe, not only in Spain but all over Europe. This is why Sarkozy was elected president of France and not Segolene Royale (France's Hillary Clinton) Sarkozy's promise to crackdown on Muslim Immigration from Northern Africa was the key to him winning the election. However, I still believe the email was misleading by saying it was from a newspaper, and the emailer misspelled the middle name Villar. It should have been Vivar It is not from a newspaper, it is from a blog magazine, a conservative Spanish speaking on-line political magazine. More of this is needed. I do not know who the writer Rodriguez really is, but he did express the sentiments that many Spanish feel.

Now my curiosity is peaked, I think I will write to the editor of the magazine to find out more about the writer of the article. I also plan to read more of the articles at the site.

First, however I want to thank Gravitar posted on for providing the location of the article in Spanish. I read the piece suggested by Gravatar, and it does say what the email purports.

I did a search for the author on the site, and I came up with a reply to Mr. Rodriguez's article from a Jew which I have translated below.

Here is a translation from the same site from Levi Josef Attias which translate as follows:

Levi Josef Attias writes to Sebastian Vivar Rodriguez

Dear Mr. Vivar Rodriguez. I am a Jew. I have never hidden my religion, but I carry it with great pride. I have enormous respect for all the religions that champion human development and world peace. Unfortunately, I have always confronted anti-semitism and the hate toward my religion including the prejudices that from time to time emerge from the ignorance and the lack of knowledge. Your article, "All European life died in Auschwitz" should be printed and placed in every corner of this world. Anger, hatred, and injurious violence are the underlying causes that are cultivated against Judaism and Jews.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for telling the truth and not hiding the truth such as it is.

Toda Raba (Thanks in Hebrew)
Levi J Attas (Gibraltar)

I would disagree with Mr Attas, that it is hatred that is the underlying cause, and I would put in its stead, Islam.

Well, Mr Attas, I think you don't have to worry about your email not being posted in every corner of the world. From what I can tell, it has been disseminated via e-mail by this little thing we call the computer.

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Anonymous said...

No soy pro-musulman pero se me hizo muy tendenciosa esta nota, todos los pueblos tienen algo que nos orgullece, los números que usamos son Arabigos.

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