Friday, August 10, 2007

You can win 100,000 dollars

All you have to do is prove Al Gore right. Prove global warming is man-made and you can win 100,000 dollars. All you lefties - get cracking!

Cut and paste this URL address here to enter the contest

Should not be a problem since there is an apparent consenus among Scientists at least according to Al Gore


Anonymous said...

Global Warming is not man made. However, you cannot turn a blind eye to the facts that global warming is occuring. Yeah its not our fault, but last time I checked this is the best planet to live on and major changes are occuring and we should all be aware of that. Polar Ice caps are melting, Glacier National parks glaciers are disappearing. If you think earths resources are unlimited and we can just take and take with no ill effects, then you live a superficial life where shopping, spending, taking, and a me first attitude takes a front seat to everything else. Instead of making fun of Al Gore, who is attempting to do some good, why don't you see what you can do to cut back on energy and wast and pollution. Quit being such a republican and think for yourself.

hey it me said...

yes,glode warming is man-made

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