Thursday, August 9, 2007

Everybody - get out your tan lotion - Global warming is coming, but not just yet

Global Warming is coming to a city near you at least after 2009--

Climate experts have long predicted a general warming trend over the 21st century spurred by the greenhouse effect, but this new study gets more specific about what is likely to happen in the decade that started in 2005.

To make this kind of prediction, researchers at Britain's Met Office -- which deals with meteorology -- made a computer model that takes into account such natural phenomena as the El Nino pattern in the Pacific Ocean and other fluctuations in ocean circulation and heat content.
A forecast of the next decade is particularly useful, because climate could be dominated over this period by these natural changes, rather than human-caused global warming, study author Douglas Smith said by telephone

This reminds me of the financial models we would make during my career as an Accountant. Weeks are spent formulating and revising financial models that forecast next fiscal year's profit and loss, then budget meetings take place. As the CFO and other principals ponder the numbers on said budget, they determine that profitability needs to be increased. In a flurry to meet budget requirements, we begin to revise our models. Assumptions are changed; a variable is changed here and a variable is changed there and voila - we have now reached our profitability goals. CFO is satisfied. Nevermind that the profit goals we set out for ourselfs are unattainable - if worse comes to worse, we will adjust the financials to meet set criteria at the end of the fiscal year.

Auditors will ask questions, and we always have the right answers.

With all the grants needed to come up with a global warming scenario, I wonder what assumptions, the so-called climatologists need to change to reach their predetermined conclusions? Hmmm - Am I being too presumptious? maybe a bit skeptical?

Let's have a global warming pool, (something like a football pool), and we can make bets on whether their predictions are accurate, especially given the fact we can't seem to predict the weather more than a week in advance.

The real heat will start after 2009, they said.

Until then, the natural forces will offset the expected warming caused by human activities, such as the burning of fossil fuels, which releases the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide

The sages of the Global Warming Swindle have somehow determined that we have until 2009 before things start heating up. There are people who really believe this stuff. That is what's incredible.

Senator Inhofe got it right -

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