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And the Winner Is... August 5th GOP debate

Whose idea was it to have a GOP debate at 8:00 AM in the morning? - And on a Sunday morning. Doesn't anyone know Republicans go to church? There must have been a total of two people watching it, maybe three. I was one of them. In fact, I woke up exactly at 8:00 AM; I turned over, grabbed the remote and turned on the television. My wife didn’t even wake up – so that was good, because she would have told me to turn it off. I am sure, in the next few days, we will hear various sound bytes from the debate, and most people will say “What debate?”

Was it just my impression that the GOP debate doesn’t come off as quite as silly as the Democratic debate. I mean we saw no Snowman talking about global warming, and no crazed lunatic with an AK-47. I actually thought George Stephanopoulos did a good job moderating. ABC only showed three videos in the entire debate as opposed to all the half-witted questions posed by the Youtubers in the Democratic debate. I was very disappointed my question was not posed which had made the first cut on i-caught. But I guess when the network only shows three videos, chances are slim they will choose yours.

I digress. So, why is global warming such a hot (no pun intended) topic with the Democrats and not a hot topic with Republicans (it wasn’t even mentioned.) The reason is this – Global warming is a fraud. Here is the question I posed which made it in ABC's first cut.

Some other frauds which have been perpetrated, and have been found out to be frauds from the Democratic side of the aisle

Paul Ehrlich – The population bomb

Global Cooling -


I would add to the list evolution, but I won’t. I will stop with the few I mentioned.

Back to the debate -

I understand the American people want change. Change to me is returning to our conservative principles. Bush was never and has never been a true conservative albeit he is better than anything the Democrats have ever had to offer. When you watch the Democratic debate and then the Republican debate, is there any question that the Republicans would continue to grow the economy and continue the war on terror? The Democrats talk about raising taxes and withdrawing from Iraq, (a defeatist approach). They have yet to take “Economics 101” to see why raising taxes stifles growth (they should just make a trip to Europe), and the Democrats also fail to understand that if we were to withdraw from Iraq, the enemy would look at it as a victory, and such a perceived defeat would only embolden radical Islam. As Guliani pointed out, the Democrats don’t even mention “Islamic terrorism.” I will feel much safer with the Republicans in power.

And what is that guy with the first two names again Paul Ron, Ron Paul still doing on the podium. He talks like a Democrat, and he must have used the word neocon about 100 times. Have you ever noticed that when sites such as the drudge report create a poll asking who won the GOP debate, Ron Paul is always the winner . As of this writing, he has over 17,000 votes on the Drudge Report with Mitt Romney second at under 3000 votes.. It happened in the last debate on KSFO’s Melanie Morgan’s website too. I can say that Ron Paul has one thing going for him. He has a loyal following that just sits at the computer all day and votes for him. I think Ron Paul’s disciples need a life.

I don’t think abortion is going to be much of an issue this go round, but I do think Mitt Romney needs to get a better answer. I thought Brownback and Romney were going to have a fist fight over Romney’s change of position on the issue of abortion. Romney didn’t defend his position very well, and later in the debate, he said he felt the one area he thought he made a mistake was when he was running for governor of Massachusetts, he was pro-choice. It left me the impression that he was always pro-life, but he only changed his position for political reasons. I wonder if anyone else had the same impression.

Tancredo actually wanted to blow up Mecca and Medina. All I can say is this – if we didn’t have the entire Muslim world gunning for us now, we would after we blew up the two most holiest shrines in the Muslim world. And that came from a candidate other than Ron Paul. I thought Ron Paul was the only wacko up there – I guess not.

When Thompson was done speaking about breast cancer, it sounded like his entire family had it. If that is true, it is definitely a tragedy, but when he then said he would cure breast cancer by 2010, he just sounded like an idiot.

Last week, Obama handed Hillary the Democratic nomination when he said he would withdraw from Iraq, talk to our enemies and invade our allies, which means he would invade another sovereign nation. I thought invading sovereign nations was anathema to the Democrats. I wasn’t sure at first if Guliani agreed with Obama, but he sure didn’t make it clear. Mitt Romney was able to explain why Obama’s position was just plain ridiculous. Will Obama lose his star power now? Will he get booed by the Daily Kos? One can only wait and see.

Why is it that in every other presidential election, I knew who I was going to vote for from the start and why. But, with this current crop of candidates, it is still a tossup. McCain is not even a blip on my screen. Guliani is the one I am looking at albeit somewhat reluctantly. He is also the one I thought who won the debate.

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