Thursday, November 13, 2008

Karel Fired from KGO

The annoying far-left gay activist loon Karel, (Charles Karel Bouley) was finally fired from KGO when he said the following on Nov 1 in reference to Joe the Plumber, "KAREL: F--- G-- damn Joe the G-- damn m-----f---ing Plumber. I want m-----f---ing Joe the Plumber dead" Of course, he didn't know the mic was on, but that was no excuse.

And of course, in typical far-left fashion, Karel refuses to take the blame when he writes on his blog

And with a two minute phone call and one paragraph letter I have been fired from KGO. I’m told the engineer that made the mistake has been as well. So, we’ll need to start doing podcasting and such until a new station is found. So check back for details. Yes, this is wrong. It is my responsibility but not my fault. I do my show remotely and have no on/off for my microphone. The engineer had two ways of stopping this, and had he not been in the bathroom he may have. Should I have gone off like this in my home studio? No, in a perfect world we realize all microphones are live, even if for 15 years they haven’t been. But as Joe Scarborough drops the Fbomb (sic) and lives, as many other KGO host have and survived on wonders if there’s more. Who can say. But whatever the case, the final word is in and I’m out.

When Tony Snow was dying of cancer, Karel made the following comments:

"I hear about Tony Snow and say to myself, well, stand up every day, lie to the American people at the behest of your dictator-esque boss and well, how could a cancer not grow in you

He was about as far left as the fired Bernie Ward . His anedotes about his lover Andrew who died of AIDS became quite tiresome too.

Karel would rant and rant about all the stuff far-left loons love to rant about.

Calling for the death of Joe the Plumber? Can't expect less from the far-left.

But KGO at least had the foresight to get rid of him. He will not be missed.


Anonymous said...

all he cared about was his CATS and DOGS

Anonymous said...

ideological name-calling aside, karel routinely had a live mic. i mean, that was normal. i guess he wanted to be on even when he wasn't supposed to be, so his result is no surprise. what i don't understand is why all the public squawkers don't realize we know, someone always remembers, and everything is recorded.

Anonymous said...

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