Tuesday, November 4, 2008

And so it ends….


19 months and it comes down to this. I am currently watching Fox news and the electoral count stands Obama 207 and McCain 129 with no path to victory left for the McCain camp. Obama will become the 44th president of the United States and the first radical Marxist ever elected to the U.S. presidency and this will be Bush's legacy. This lies at the foot of President George W. Bush. As the old saying goes – "The buck stops here." No other president has done so much to squander his earlier successes and damage the Republican brand. – On the bright side it doesn't appear there will be a 60 seat filibuster proof Senate.

On the downside, Barack Obama appears to be winning in an electoral landslide, and he will be free to govern as he wishes. Will this mandate cause Obama's arrogance to surface and doom us like it did with Roosevelt during the Great Depression.

It didn't matter that Obama openly advocated socialism. It didn't matter that Obama's string of relationships would only be found in the inner-circle of the Cosa Nostra. It didn't matter that Obama attended a church where the preacher spewed anti-American hatred for twenty years and taught liberation theology. The hatred for Bush was so strong, that the electorate may have voted for Bill Ayers himself had he run.

This now needs to be time for a lot of soul searching on the part of the Republicans. It should be a time where we return to our conservative principles and not cow tow to Democratic pressures. We need to weed out the RINOS (Republicans in Name Only). Of course, the biggest rino of all is John McCain. Reagan conservatism still works. And now the torch will be handed to Sarah Palin.

We need a voice to articulate the message, and we have not been very good at it. Plus a few Hispanics and a few African-Americans in the convention wouldn't hurt either. I do not know who set up the convention for the Republicans, but it was like looking through a time machine of 50 years ago into an all white America.

But then there were the blunders of McCain. He never wanted to bring up any of the relationships of Obama until forced to even though he had every reason to do so. And for some idiotic reason he thought Jeremiah Wright was off limits. He stopped his campaign to go to Washington to fight against the bailout bill, but accomplished nothing. He came back in support of the same bill that Bush and Obama supported. If he had gone with the Republican version, he would have separated himself from Bush and also Obama, but he did not. He cloistered Sarah Palin instead of letting her get out there and be herself. That was a huge mistake. She made errors but nowhere near the errors Biden made, and it was her first time on national stage, plus she is a quick study. One's world view is much more important than their experience especially when you compare the experience to a radical neophyte like Obama. But that was not all.

When Obama aired his 30 minute infomercial, McCain was offered a free 30 minute unedited interview on Fox News (which has a huge audience) and he declined the invitation. Instead he went on the David Letterman show which does not have near the audience of Fox News nor is it a serious format. In addition, Sarah Palin never went on the O'Reilly Factor when all the other candidates or VP candidates had, and they tried to get her. Fox News tried to be impartial when interviewing either side. Instead the McCain campaign would let her interview with Katie Couric and others in edited interviews that did not show her in the best light. McCain still never got over the fact the media just didn't like him anymore.

The debates also were not very good. These should have been places for McCain to shine, but he failed to articulate his message well, and even after he threw some good punches, he never countered Obama's answers. McCain never got angry at the people responsible for the financial mess. The third debate should have been his first, but who was watching anymore?

Of course, Obama ran a flawless campaign from the get go. The media whole heartedly supported him. Had the media gone after the relationships of Obama like they did Palin's background, maybe the result would have been different. McCain's campaign was better than I thought it would be because he did get down and dirty like he needed to, but he still made too many errors, and in this hostile environment, his campaign needed to be at least as good as Obama's and it wasn't.

France we are you.

It is my fervent prayer that Barack Obama works for the American people without his radical associations, and that he truly gains the wisdom and knowledge he needs to make this country a better place in which to live. His past does not suggest it, but there is still the hope.

Let's just hope Obama doesn't destroy the economy and Biden's prescient words do not come to pass, "Mark my words. It will not be six months before the world tests Barack Obama like they did John Kennedy. The world is looking,"



68Bomber said...

Who is behind the principal only loans?

Who dropped the interest rates so low that people could afford homes well beyond their financial means?
Who did development of McMansions and who bought them?

Who in the end wrote a proposal to bail out the financial institutions that put us in the economic crisis we are in today?

Mark, I love you, but seriously, you are so afraid of the so called liberals that you refuse so see where fault lies.

8 years of Republican rule have resulted in this financial crisis. 8 years of Republican radical right propaganda is what has put us at war for oil when we should be focused on alternative energy.

Thoughts of a conservative genius mind said...

Hi Becky,

Thanks for commenting.

There is a litany of grievances I have with the Bush administration. Low interest rates are one of them. It injected too much liquidity into the system, and the end result was to print money for which we had no backing.

The bailout was a joke. Your points are valid, and I even agree with them.
There is fault on both sides with regards to the bailout crisis, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the Community Reinvestment Act on the Democrats and your points on the Republican side plus Bush also encouraged low income home ownership.

First, I am no fan of Bush.

On your war for oil. Now did we go to war for oil? Not like the Democrats believe, but obviously if there were no oil, Iran and Iraq would be paper tigers. So going to war for strategic interests is not a bad thing.

The war however was mismanaged. If we go, we should go, do the job and leave because Americans have little patience for a long war.

I have no problems with alternative energy if it is done right. Ethanol is a big fraud and it couldn't survive without the government subsidies, and it has been responsible for the big increase in food prices not just corn but everything. Solar and wind are unreliable.

We can't use the government to throw money at it. We have to encourage the private sector to do it. Barack Obama will sign rescind Bush's executive order putting offshore oil offlimits.

We should have two goals in mind
1) to stop sending our wealth overseas
2) alternative energy

We already know that oil and nuclear energy are the two most viable and work. We should be drilling for oil and building nuclear power plants. This would keep our wealth here and create thousands of jobs.

Then, we should go to natural gas for our cars. We have a lot of natural gas that can be used in cars, but it is currently used in homes and coal power plants. Nuclear power could replace that and allow us to then use natural gas.

Then we can continue looking at viable sources of other alternative forms of energy.


Thoughts of a conservative genius mind said...


PS: And of course there is one caveat. Just because I was against many of Bush's policies does not mean I would agree with the leftist views of Barack Obama. In fact, what he proposes is only going to make it worse. Nice photo you got there. The guy on the left is particularly handsome.


68Bomber said...

I would never consider Ethanol to be alternative energy. That is once again, big business (republican funded) fraud.

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