Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Daughter’s First Election

The liberal media reports on Raeann's first election

18 year old Raeann braved the onslaught of the throngs of crowds as she stood in line for six hours with her voter pamphlet in hand ready to pull the lever for her candidate. The rain continued to pour down, but Raeann didn't care. She wanted to exercise her right to vote, and she was willing to do what it takes to make that happen. Raeann stood her ground as she watched six masked conservative poll watchers try to intimidate Obama supporters and suppress the vote. But the Obama supporters were not going to let the disenfranchisement of voters happen again. They acutely remembered how the election was stolen from them in 2000 with Bush and Gore, and they refused to see a repeat of that year.

Reality check – What really happened.

18 year old Raeann went to the polls to cast her vote for John McCain. There was not a soul in site. There was only a lone U.S. flag fluttering in the wind and the din of schoolchildren in the schoolyard where the poll site was located. Raeann walked up to the pollster - she was asked her name and address, and given a ballot. Raeann filled out her ballot, and she was given an "I voted sticker." The only annoying part was her father who trailed behind her with a video camera.


Omayra said...

wow uncle mark! now this is my kind of story: 2 paragraphs. Not 20 pages!:)

Tony said...

lol, what ever happened to 'privacy' of voting? Just watch Uncle Mark, Reanne's gonna turn Democrat on you one of these days... only to become Republican again when she's married and has kids and a job that pays well.

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