Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fascists, Brownshirts and Gay Activists or the Aftermath of Proposition 8

Once upon a time there was a proposition to define marriage as between a man and a woman in the beautiful coastal state of California. California overwhelming voted to keep marriage between a man and a woman. But Fascism took hold in California, and the California Supreme Court decided to circumvent the will of the people, and the ruling to keep marriage between a man and a woman was torn asunder in favor of gay marriage. All seemed to be well in fairyland, San Francisco. Gay couples kissed in the jubilant euphoria they now felt, and they basked in their new found freedom.

Meanwhile, back in reality land, the evil trolls were planning the demise of gay marriage, and concocting a plot with the African-American community to vote once again to make marriage between a man and a woman the law of the land. They put on the November ballot proposition 8 to once again let the people decide. Gay activists before the election trolled the streets in search of "Yes on Proposition 8" signs so they could tear them down and intimidate the people who were openly for the proposition. But the people rose up against these strong arm tactics. Power to the people!

The people decide. November the 4th- Proposition 8 passes. Once again, marriage is saved and it is defined as between a man and a woman. 70% of the African-American community voted in favor of this proposition. The wicked witch of the West Nancy Pelosi derides the people who voted for proposition 8 when she concludes that the people are just too dumb to understand the proposition, "I think people did not fully understand the initiative….Unfortunately, I think people thought they were making a statement about what their view of same-sex marriage was."
I wonder if she thought this when the African-American community overwhelmingly voted for Barack Obama.

In a macabre turn of events, gay activists decided once again the people's vote was not good enough. In a manner reminiscent of Hitler's brownshirts, Gay activists begin to picket in front of churches like Rick Warren's Saddleback church, Mormon churches and others. Not sure what these Gay brownshirts expected. Do they expect the churches to all of sudden start preaching against their faith and the teachings of Christ? It is quite astounding when you think of it.

As Gay gremlins in the nefarious ACLU and other evil organizations work feverishly to overturn proposition 8, Gay activists resort to their tried-and-true fascist tactics like stomping on a cross held by an elderly lady (in the video above), and by posting a blacklist to announce who donated to pass proposition 8 (think McCarthyism). Individuals who donated 83 dollars or more are now subject to these tactics of these fascist brownshirts. One individual proponent was forced to resign his job. Will supporters of proposition 8 be intimidated? One has to wonder why these gay activists have not picketed the African-American community. Would it be politically incorrect to do so?

So, the question remains. Will fascism once again reign in California, and the proposition be willy-nilly overturned by activist judges in the state supreme court? Let's hope the will of the people win out.


68Bomber said...

I think you are mistaken on the definition of fascism bro.

It is a bit lame that you push your blog entries to me when you know that I do not agree with your politics. It also sucks when you spew your anti gay sentiment and you know that I am in fact a lesbian.

I should have the right to marry someone I love.

Anonymous said...

hm, I wonder who that last comment was from:) It is a pretty sad world we live in when the radical left does not like democracy. They throw fits and tantrums and violently protest in the street when they don't get their own way. Aren't these the same people that scream "multiculturalism and tolerance." These same democrats are the most intolerant people I know.

mediaaccess said...

Becky and Gene still at it? Becky can love anyone she wants anyway she wants and can have any kind of contract and celebration she wants but she doesn't need to change an originally religiously oriented celebration to do it. I like lesbians anyway. I'm not even religious but I'm telling everyone you'd better get out your bibles because something is very wrong - and devoid of the tiniest amount of reason and logic. Better start building your bomb shelters.

I guess I'm going to start reading Mark's blogs and Fox News more because I'm boycotting movies, CNN, MSNBC, and other so-called news outlets that don't report in a non-partisan and non-absurd way.

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