Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What McCain needs to do in tonight’s debate

McCain needs to show passion and anger tonight. McCain has shown both anger and passion before. He did it during the immigration debacle as he slammed his Republican base. The ire and passion against his own party was intense. McCain needs to put this passion to good use tonight.

McCain needs to:

  1. 1) McCain needs to name names and he needs to come down hard. Americans are angry with what is going on in the economy, and they are directing their anger towards the Republican administration. The incumbent administration is always the administration that receives the blame even though they may or may not be at fault. It was policies by the Democrats that encouraged low-income citizens to buy homes without any credit. It was Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that were led by Democrats and went bankrupt because of Democrats. It was the Democrats who prevented any form of regulation of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to help prevent the current crisis. It was Obama and Chris Dodd who received the highest amount of contributions from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. It is Franklin Raines who was the ex-CEO of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and is currently an advisor on the Obama campaign. McCain has finally come out swinging. He needs to show the same passion he showed towards the end of his convention speech.
  2. Conservatives have long wanted McCain to come out and expose the Radical relationships of Obama. The media has given Obama a pass, so it is up to McCain. Only when McCain is behind in the polls has he started naming these relationships. He should have done this a long time ago. Obama's association with Reverend Wright is only the tip of the iceberg. These relationships are not mere "guilt by association", but they show a man who feels comfortable around radical groups and radical individuals. These are also the people and groups who helped shape Obama's world view, a view of a socialistic state that will lean towards trying to appease our enemies like Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain did during World War 2, and enact policies that will hurt our economy like President Herbert Hoover did during the Great Depression. Hoover's policies during the Great Depression deepened the depression and helped it last as long as it did. Obama's policies will deepen our economic crisis. Obama's relationships include the following:


    1. Bill Ayers – Obama has downplayed this relationship, but he is closer to Ayers than most think. In papers from "The Chicago Anneberg Challenge" It appears that Obama and Ayers association was much deeper. Ayers received a 50 million dollar grant, and Obama was put in charge of doling out the money for so-called "school reform." It was actually for radicalizing students a la ayers.
    2. ACORN – Obama's association with the radical group ACORN. ACORN has been indicted for voter fraud numerous times Obama trained personnel in ACORN. ACORN is known for its strong arm tactics to obtain subprime loans for homeowners who could not afford loans. (ACORN is currently involved in voter fraud happening right now in OHIO)
    3. Frank Marshall Davis – Mentioned in Obama's memoir as Frank, Dreams of my Father, a close confident of Obama and a well known communist and Stalinist in Hawaii that was under FBI surveillance for 19 years who believed America was a racist and an imperialistic country.
    4. Don Warden – changed his name to Khalid Al-Mansour and is tied to radical Islam. He has helped to advance Obama's candidacy.
    5. Rashid Khalidi – A former colleague of Obama and now a professor at Columbia. Supporter of the Palestinians and a fervent critic of Israel, which he calls a destructive racist state. He supports suicide bombers.
    6. Arab American Action Network – A so-called pro-Palestinian organization and a beneficiary of the Obama-Ayers team at the Woods Fund
  3. Do not talk about Iraq. Iraq has been a success. Its success has made it a non-issue. Americans don't seem to care that Barack was wrong on the surge, and if they do they already know about it. Cover ground that is not known.
  4. The economy – We need to cut taxes, not raise them like Obama wants to do, because that will kill an economy already on the brink. We need to lower capital gains tax not raise them, we need to lower the dividend tax rate not raise them. McCain has not yet demonstrated what Barack's policies will do to this economy. But, who can blame Obama. The policies he espouses were shaped by a worldview developed from a lifetime of radical associations. Obama has a trillion dollars in new spending but intends to tax only those who make over 250,000 dollars. That is wishful thinking. According to Obama's plan, small businesses, the engine of the economy cannot grow unless they want to pay higher taxes. That would depress the economy even further. McCain should propose a zero capital gains rate. Barack keeps touting 47 million people uninsured that would now receive insurance. That includes illegal aliens. California recently scrapped its universal health care plan, because it could not afford it. How does Obama think he is going to pass universal health care (including illegal aliens) in this economy? 700 billion dollars was just used to bailout Wall Street, and he wants to continue his spending spree of providing healthcare for all.

McCain needs to turn this election around tonight or the most radical socialist in America's 200 years will be our next president. McCain needs to stop the Obama express.



Anonymous said...

hey marcos totalmente de acuerdo en todo lo que has escrito y despues de haber visto el debate considero que McCain hizo un tremendo trabajo en cuanto a dejarse entender claramente toda su plataforma politica! Trabajo bien hecho. Hurray............!

Thoughts of a conservative genius mind said...

Hola anonymous,

Gracias por tu comentario, pero no se quien eres porque no firmaste.

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