Monday, October 20, 2008

My voting ballot with commentary

  • President – John McCain. The object here is to vote for the person who will do the least damage to the country, and that is John McCain.
  • United States Representative 13 the congressional district – Raymond Chui. I have no idea who he is, but he is running against Pete Stark who is (May I say it) a moron. If you have ever gone to one of Pete's Town Hall meetings, it's like going to a liberal love fest. Stark will win – He is too entrenched in this liberal town of Newark.
  • Member of the State Assembly 28th District –
    Jeffrey wald, Republican
  • Superior Court Judge Office #9 – Phil Daly – His opponent is Dennis Hayashi. Hayashi is supported by the Sierra Club, labor unions, the Democratic Party – need I say more.
  • Ohlone Community College District Trustee, Area 1, Seat 4 – Bob Brunton. I
    haven't the foggiest reason why – who would? Both sounded Okay. Used my dime to flip heads or tails. May not have been good for Bob's opponent, but it was good for the dime.
  • Ohlone Community College District Trustee, Area 1, Seat 6 – David Sheen – see Seat 4
  • District AC Transit District Director, at Large Joyce Roy – Why do I care?
  • Alameda County Water District Director John Weed, Robert Irwin, Jame, s Gunther (vote for three) - All but the incumbent, sounded good to me.
  • Washington Township Healthcare Directors Patricia "Pat" Donaldson, William F. Nicholson – Why are these positions elected positions? Who knows who they are?


1a) Safe Reliable High-Speed Passenger Train Bond Act – No, I usually vo te no on Bonds especially when California is highly leveraged as is. In the comment section, my nephew and Godson wrote a good argument on why it would be beneficial.

Standards for Continuing Farm Animals Initiative Statute – No, Leave this up to industry. Sounds dumb to me. Who came up with the idea that animals can't extend their limbs or wings. Who wants to bet PETA is behind this. We have more serious things to worry about.

Children Hospital Bond Act – NO - Sounds good if it's for children right? It's a bond, and not everything is solved by throwing money at it especially in California.

Waiting period and Parental notification before termination of minor's pregnancy – Yes, this is what my former boss would have called a TGO, a terrific grasp of the obvious. It is a parent's right to know what is going on in a child's life. Child comes home from having an abortion, and she is an emotional wreck yet the parents do not know why. We are responsible for every aspect of a child's life except the one issue that can have the most dramatic impact in her life. California tries to take our parenting obligation away from us.

Nonviolent drug offenses, sentencing, parole and rehabilitation, initiative statute – No, why should I pay for treatment programs?

6) Police and Law Enforcement Funding. Criminal Penalties and Laws. Initiative Statute – Yes, As I said, I usually vote no on Bonds except my son wants to be a cop. This will increase the number of jobs, so I vote yes.

7) Renewable Energy Initiative Statute – No, after closely reading this initiative, I believe this will increase energy costs. It was also put on the ballot by petition signatures and it is backed by solar and clean energy. So there is a special interest group involved here namely that of solar energy. That in itself should make it suspect. The beginning argument in favor of prop 7 says this, "We can do better than dirty coal, nuclear power and offshore drilling." That should say it all. The backers for this are against coal, nuclear power and offshore drilling the three components that can grow this economy and get us off foreign oil. This proposition is confusing on purpose – it's a fraud.

8) Eliminates Right of Same-sex couples to marry. – yes. This is about reversing the legislative action by a few liberal judges, who circumvented the will of the people. Marriage should be between a man and a woman.

9) Criminal Justice System, Victims' Rights Parole. – yes. Sounds reasonable, notifying the victims for inputs in the criminal justice system. What a novel idea!

10) Alternative Fuel Vehicles and Renewable Energy. – No – This is just another fraud for alternative and renewable energy in California which California cannot afford. Until California promotes nuclear power and offshore drilling, I will have a hard time believing anything they want to do concerning alternative energy.

11) Redistricting. – Yes, this initiative removes the conflict of interest where politicians can redraw their districts to ensure they remain in office.

12) Veteran's bond act – Yes, my one exception to voting no on bonds are veterans. I usually vote yes on veteran bonds unless the bond is outlandish.

District WW – No – They want to increase my property taxes 10 dollars per year per 100,000 dollars to maintain parks. When will it stop? If they want to maintain the parks, raise the entrance fees.




Tony said...

It's a shame that we are in tough economic times. I want to vote YES on the high speed rail but my conscience tells me that this is the wrong timing.

It would be great to be able to go from San Jose to Los Angeles in a few hours. Europe and Japan have fast trains and we should too.

Why? I think it would create lots of jobs. Inter-city business would increase. A commute from SJ to LA would not be crazy anymore. Urban sprawl may lessen (some people would want to live close to the train). Also it would just be plain cool to have a fast alternative to airplanes or driving (not to mention reducing reliance on oil -foreign or domestic).

So, even though I will vote NO this time around, I hope the idea doesn't die. Maybe the planners will look to innovative ways to fund the project? Profit sharing, wage decreases for workers in return for 'year-passes', co-ops, corporate sponsorships... who knows.

Thoughts of a conservative genius mind said...


You made a good argument for having the high speed rail. I thought about Europe and Japan and their fast trains.

Anonymous said...

David Sheen is a bad choice. First of all he is ugly, sencondly he is a lawyer and not only that,but he is an immigration lawyer. Just what I want my taxes to go to. Larry

Thoughts of a conservative genius mind said...


I know nothing of David Sheen, so I think I will change my post. The ugly part really got to me :)


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