Monday, March 5, 2007

Oh the Hypocrisy of it all!!!!!!

Republicans are outraged by Ann Coulter's "Faggot" comment. I agree with Edwards in that it has no place in political discourse. Oh but the hypocrisy of it all! Edward's has the gall to start a cash coulter fund to raise money for his lanquishing campaign under the guise of fighting against political bigotry, this after he hires two bloggers who with four letter words in every breath rail against the Catholic church, christians, etc. and whomever they didn't like. He then fires the bloggers, rehires them, and then after O'reilly exposed them, they resigned. Do we really think Edward cares what Coulter says or does he just see this as an opportunity to raise funds for a campaign that is going no where.

Maybe Edwards wants to use this Coulter Cash to hire two new hate-filled bloggers to rail against the Catholic church. You think? There was not only no outcry to these two bloggers by the liberal establishment, but the liberals defended these bloggers as free speech. Oh and, where was the outcry when Bill Maher made known his dissatisfaction that the suicide bombers missed Dick Cheney. Oh the hypocrisy!

The difference between a conservative and a liberal is conservatives use a moral compass. When Ann Coulter or any other conservative makes an outlandish remark, we will denounce it. Conservatives and Liberals should be accountable for what they say. Liberals, however will support these individuals who make derisive remarks and hire these persons of interests (politically correct term) to their campaigns and some (name not disclosed to protect the innocent) will be allowed to remain in office while interns continue to satisfy them in order to educate our youth what sex is and what sex isn't. The liberals will defend any kind of behavior as long as they are liberals to their dying breath. Oh the hypocrisy of it all!

What Ann Coulter said was indefensible, and she will be held accountable not by the liberal establishment but by the conservative establishment


Tom said...

Doses this comment work?

Buddhagem said...

Nice to see you at it again. I'm not really familiar with the bloggers you mention but I can't imagine they have the voice that Ann Coulter has. It's hard to think of a more popular conservative at the moment, and her words carry a lot of weight with a lot of people. If I say something stupid it has very little impact. when Coulter says something stupid she has a national audience.

The problem I see with her is that while certain conservatives do denounce her after she says these hateful things they continue to give her a platform from which to speak.

When do conservatives stand up and say enough is enough? Quit giving this woman a platform to spew hatred.



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