Monday, March 26, 2007

A must read for all you lefties out there

So why is the left not in the streets protesting the kidnapping of 15 British Sailors?


sims said...

A better question, methinks, is why is the political right not out in the streets protesting Iran's action? They've been spoiling for a fight with Iran for months. I expect Bill Kristol to parachute into Tehran any minute now.

Thoughts of a genius mind said...

The right has been very outspoken. You missed the point. It is the left who is always out in the streets when its against the Americans, but not when its against the enemy. Thirty years ago, this would have been considered an act of war. They kidnap a few Israeli soldiers, and Israel begins bombing (because it was an act of war) until Condoleeza Rice convinces Olmert to stop bombing (which is why 90% of the country of Israel has come out against him). This was an act of war. Tehran knows the West has become a paper tiger and they are exploiting it. Britain should have taken military action and the US should have helped. The naval forces of Britain were once the envy of Europe, and now they have turned into the kumbaya crowd. The enemy knows they are winning, and at this rate I would not doubt if they actually do win. Rome fell from within. The same is happening in the US, and it has already happened in Europe.

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