Monday, March 12, 2007

60 Minutes Sunday Coal Miners

60 minutes had a report on Sunday about the coal we are using and how coal miners seem to be dying. The US is a vast consumer of Coal to keep our houses warm. Al Gore runs around the world touting his "Inconvenient Lie", but neither one gives the obvious solution.

As Reagan once said, "It's the economy stupid." Well, if you want to prevent coal miners from dying and if you want to continue the propaganda that CO2 is going to kill humanity, then the apothegem should be "It's nuclear power stupid." Nuclear power is the cleanest source of fuel, and you wouldn't have coal miner's dying. The following link shows France is definitely in the lead as using Nuclear Power for its energy (using US technology). The US is way down on the bottom. What is wrong with this picture? The lefties still control the agenda of the global warming lie, nuclear power is dangerous and drilling for oil will ruin our landscape. This is their continued goal of destroying capitalism and their continued goal of a one world socialist government

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