Friday, March 23, 2007

My Pet Peeves

I have picked up a new hobby – buying aerobic DVDs with Latin beats and doing my thing insofar as cardiovascular exercise is concerned. I have noticed I do sweat and it seems to build up my endurance, but here is my pet-peeve. These DVDs are geared towards women. The ones I have purchased so far only include women in the videos. Now, don’t get me wrong I do not mind working out with nice looking women, but can they include a token male salsa dancer or two, preferably not gay. I exceptionally feel out of place when the lead instructor says, “How are you girls doing?” But I continue feeling the beat and doing my exercise, but my kids keep giving me the eagle eye, and my daughter snickers, “Dad, maybe there is a reason only women are dancing.”

Salsa and Latin dancing are performed by men and women alike, so I cannot believe that there is not a market for men. Tae bo should not be the only cardiovascular exercise for men.

Here is my second pet-peeve. When I was in eighth grade, I was in the Acapella choir, and our teacher loved Broadway musicals, so we sang many of the songs from these musicals. Since then, I have always loved the Broadway musical. A side point – my kids hate them. I turn on Sirius satellite radio at times to listen to the Broadway station, and I have to admit, every disk jockey (male) sounds like he is gay. Why do Broadway musical tunes seem to only be relegated to gays? Now admittedly, in my earlier years, I would never have admitted to anyone I liked Broadway tunes.

There are a lot of things one never would admit to among his peers. In the early 60s, one never admitted that he was a Munster’s fan or an Addam’s family fan even though virtually everyone watched one or the other. I was an Addam's family fan - I think I liked Morticia, even with all her eccentricities, with her long black and flowing silky hair. If you were an Addam’s family fan, you hated the Munsters, if you were a Munsters fan; you hated the Addam’s family. What that meant, I don’t know but no one watched both shows.

You also never admitted (at least in the West) that you ever listened to country music or you would have been chastised to the nth degree by your peers.

This was the same with the Beatles and the Rolling Stones although you did admit which one you listened to. I was more of a Beatles fan in those days. If you were a Rolling Stones fan, you were a rebel, if you were a Beatles fan, you were more of a staid, calm and collected type of character. Al Gore was posed this question when running for the presidency, but clueless Al didn’t even understand the meaning of the question. He rambled on why he liked both of these groups.

So, in essence, I am not even sure of why I posted this blog entry. I guess it was when I turned on Sirius satellite to the Broadway stations, and I heard the continuous obnoxious voices of the stereotypical gay disc jockeys. I knew instinctively there had to be other fans out there that are not gay. I am one although if you ask me if I like broadway tunes, I won't admit to it.

PS: I have nothing against gays, this is just an observation.

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