Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Case of the disappearing rings.

According to AOL News

Around the world, amateur astronomers have noticed the change; Saturn's wide open rings are rapidly narrowing into a thin line.

"The rings have narrowed considerably in the last year," he reports. "The Cassini division (a dark gap in the rings) is getting hard to see."

Quick - Red Alert! Call out the national guard. I bet it is no - it has got to be Global Warming. Wake Al Gore up! Send up the astronauts. It has to be caused by humans, there is no other answer. Call out the U.N. Gather the team for the Kyoto protocol. Let's tax everyone and send the money to Saturn so we can get rid of the helium. CO2 doesn't exist on Saturn.

Sounds about as absurd as what we do now.

Disappearing rings? - I guess that would discount the theory the universe is billions of years old.

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