Friday, January 4, 2008

Mike who?

"I would rather be governed by a competent Turk than an incompetent Christian" Martin Luther

I believe Huckabee will be a trivia question in a few years from now. He will not get the nomination (I believe) , but what happened in the Iowa Caucuses is disturbing.

I am an evangelical Christian, and something happened yesterday that I long believed. There is a contingent of evangelicals out there that will blindly follow a man regardless of who he is for the mere fact that he says he is a Christian and pro-life. The obdurate conscience of these evangelicals is not easy to change irrespective of any facts that might be presented.

We always hear about the elder who swindled his congregation out of lots of money from some scheme he cooked up, because the congregation trusted him. On the one hand, the congregation wants to trust everyone regardless of who the person is under the false assumption that this is what the Bible teaches. Unscrupulous people choose churches because they understand the gullibility of church-goers. All evangelicals are guilty of this to some extent. Even in our church, there have been people who attended asking for money and once given the money, the person was never to be seen again. The evangelical needs to scrutinize more, and stop blithely following his faith with his/her eyes shut.

In the lips of him that hath discernment wisdom is found; But a rod is for the back of him that is void of understanding Proverbs 10:13

 It didn’t matter that Huckabee understands nothing on foreign policy, and that he wants to play Kumbaya politics with terrorist countries.

 It didn’t matter that Huckabee’s liberal agenda was one of raising taxes and spending

 It didn’t matter that Huckabee is a protectionist proving his ineptitude about how protectionism has always destroyed economies.

 It didn't matter that Huckabee received the endorsement of the Leftist NEA. The NEA has never before endorsed a Republican candidate.

 It didn’t matter that Huckabee went on the Jay Leno show saying that he did not know there was a strike when in fact he did know. This was proven later by the fact he went in to the show through another entrance to avoid the picket lines.

 It didn’t matter that he decried the current administration’s foreign policy by saying Bush possessed a “go-it-alone arrogant bunker mentality.”

 It didn't matter that he ran afoul of the Arkansas ethics committee during his tenure as governor, which resulted in the payment in several thousand dollars of fines.

 It didn’t matter that he said he was not going to show a negative ad by showing it to the press knowing it would be shown free nationally including Iowa. (He lied).

 It didn’t matter that this negative ad which denounced Mitt Romney’s ads for not being truthful was not truthful either.

 It didn’t matter that he lied about having a theology degree when in fact he doesn’t.

In spite of it all, the evangelicals showed up in droves at the Iowa Caucuses (60% were evangelicals) for the simple reason that Huckabee says he is a Christian and pro-life. Dr Phil, says, “Past Behavior is indicative of future behavior,” but for this contingent of evangelicals it didn’t seem to matter. His past behavior didn’t matter. What mattered was what he said period.

Would these same evangelicals follow a man over a cliff as long as he said he was Christian and pro-life.

That is a recipe for disaster.

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