Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bush's last State of the Union address January 2008

It wasn't so much the content of Bush's state of the Union that was revealing. It was the reaction of the audience. "No New taxes!"

This is what the Democrats want to retreat from. It doesn't matter what success there is in Iraq, the Democrats still preach defeatism.

The Democrats also did not stand up when President Bush asked to extend the FISA overseas wiretapping this Friday.

This should be a warning to all. Democrats in power will mean higher taxes for all and less security. To see what this FISA vote means, read Jed Babba in Human Events FISA cloture vote failed Monday.

This should be a reminder to all. San Jose police in a sting operation uncovered IED bombs that could be detonated using cell phones. It was called operation meltdown.

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