Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Politics a la Michael Moore

"Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves." Matthew 7:15

Imagine this scenario. It is January 20, 2009; Hillary Clinton takes the oath of office. This is what I call the era of politics a la Michael Moore. In this setting, we will have reached the lunacy and psychosis of a world gone mad, the world of Michael Moore. In other words, we will have handed our nation over to the likes of Michael Moore, the New York Times, and the rest of the extreme left.

Yesterday, I was talking to my brother, (let's call him Jerry to protect his identity.) He said if McCain gets the nomination, he will not vote in the general election in effect giving the election to Hillary Clinton or worse yet Obama. I used to think it was only Democrats with whom you could not have a rational discussion. I guess that is no longer true. This is insanity at its nadir.

It is at the very least disturbing and at the most infuriating to watch how Democrats slowly dismantle everything that keeps us safe, that keeps our taxes low and that keeps this economy growing.

During the state of the union speech, there was one thing that was clearly evident, the disdain the Democrats showed for the president. When the president talked about keeping the tax cuts permanent, only the Republicans stood up and clapped, when the president talked about the success of the surge, only the Republicans stood up and clapped, and when the president talked about extending FISA (more about that later), only the Republicans stood up and clapped. From the war in Iraq, the surge, the economy, taxes, the expressions on the Democrats were the same. One can only conclude from that that the Democrats will raise taxes, retreat from Iraq in defeat, and take away every measure that keeps this country safe.

What was striking is when the cameras panned the faces of Obama and Clinton. Both sat with their arms folded and expressionless. They knew the country was watching, and this was exactly the body language they wanted to express, derision for all of Bush's policies whether good or bad. It took a herculean effort to watch the state of the Union with Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the house, behind Bush. Pelosi's expressions would have made for a great segment for Tonya Reiman's segment on body language on the O'Reilly Factor. After the state of the Union, Pelosi made several derisive remarks stating the surge was a failure. It doesn't matter how much success there is in Iraq, the Democrats will always tout defeatism, and once in power they will retreat.

Monday, a cloture vote on FISA, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, failed 48-45. Both Obama and Clinton voted against it. The FISA amendments expire on Friday. FISA is necessary for our intelligence agencies to gather the required information to keep us safe. The bill was produced by the senate select committee on foreign intelligence, and Democrats had no problem passing the bill last October.

The FISA Bill has been responsible for:

  • Insight and understanding leading to disruption of planned terrorist attacks
  • Prevention of efforts of an individual to become a suicide operative
  • Prevention of instructions to a foreign terrorist associate about entering the United States
  • Prevention of efforts by terrorists to obtain guns and ammunition
  • Prevention of terrorist facilitator plans to travel to Europe
  • Prevention of terrorist efforts to disguise their appearance
  • Information on terrorist money transfers
  • Identifying information regarding foreign terrorist operatives
  • Understanding international al-queda networks
  • Plans for future terrorist attacks
  • Movements of key extremists to evade arrest

    The Democrats have been responsible for undermining everything concerning the war on terror including the Patriot Act.

    It doesn't matter what evidence is shown the Democrats, the mantra, "Bush lied, people died" will forever remain in their psyche.

    Last Sunday, 60 minutes interviewed the Sadaam Hussein interrogator known to Sadaam as Mr. George. Mr George said Sadaam and he had a close relationship because he was his only contact for months. Mr George, a native of Lebanon, spoke fluent Arabic. He said Sadaam didn't expect the US to invade. He said Sadaam lied about his WMDs because he did not want Iraq to know he had gotten rid of them. He also said he purposely forged documents to show the US. He also said Sadaam had every intention to reconstitute his WMD program both nuclear and biological. All leading Democratic senators believed we should have gone into Iraq (except for Obama and a few other senators), and every intelligence agency said he had them. In addition, we know Sadaam was sending 25,000 dollars to families of suicide victims, and he had meetings with top Al-Queda officials. Al-Zarqawi stayed in Baghdad. The Democrats are the ones not telling the truth.

    Clinton's tax increase proposals, particularly her support for a higher capital gains tax, can be painted, accurately, as foreshadowing doom for the economy.

    Jerry, you know my brother for whom I gave a different name says he would rather Hillary be president than McCain. That is in effect what sitting out the election means. His rational is that Hillary will screw up the next four years so much; the electorate will have no choice but to put into office another Republican instead of 8 years of McCain. There are sure a lot of assumptions in that assessment. First, no one knows what will happen in four years. Four years in politics is an eternity. Second, we do not know what Republican candidate will come forward. Third, Hillary can destroy this country in four years, and it can take years to recoup.

    A good number of people, not even Jerry, understand the consequences of what would happen if a nuclear device were detonated. Panic would ensue, the stock market would crash throwing the world economies in turmoil, and unemployment would skyrocket. It's questionable whether or not we would see a recovery from such a scenario in our lifetime. The terrorists understand this better than we do.

    William Perry, Ashton Carter and Michael May After the Bomb

    First and foremost, the scale of disaster would quickly overwhelm even the most prepared city and state governments. To avoid repeating the Hurricane Katrina fiasco on a much larger scale, Washington must stop pretending that its role would be to support local responders. State and local governments — though their actions to save lives and avoid panic in the first hours would be essential — must abandon the pretense that they could remain in charge. The federal government, led by the Department of Homeland Security, should plan to quickly step in and take full responsibility and devote all its resources, including those of the Department of Defense, to the crisis.

    This is a hard truth to absorb, since we all would have a strong instinct to flee. But walking toward the suburbs or sitting in long traffic jams would directly expose people to radiation, which would be the most intense on the day after the bomb went off. After that, the amount would drop off day by day (one-third as strong after three days, one-fifth as strong after five days, and so on), because of the natural decay of the radioactive components of the fallout

    After such an attack however, we will respond in kind. If the Democrats are in power, that may even be questionable. They may have decimated our military to such an extent, we won't have the resources to fight.

    Jerry even went so far as to say McCain is like Schwarzenegger, but I disagree. When Schwarzenegger was voted into office, we did not know who he really was or what he really believed in. There was no record to go by. We now know Schwarzenegger is no Republican, he is a Democrat dressed up in Republican's clothing. We know McCain. We know he is a maverick on a lot of issues, but we also know he will keep us safe.

    There is a lot to not like about John McCain, but there is also a lot we can also agree on. In my post, the best man for the Job – Mitt Romney. I write about John McCain:

    What do conservatives like about McCain?

    He is prolife. he is pro nuclear power, he believes in cutting spending, and he is a great advocate against pork barrel spending. He would be good in the war on terror for the most part, ---

    Admittedly, I will have to suck it up when I vote for him because of his stance on a myriad of issues, immigration, global warming, and the list goes on. But, I know I will be relatively safe, and he will continue to fight an aggressive war on terror instead of rolling over and laying dead for the New York Times, and I don't have to worry about the era of politics a la Michael Moore.

    Hillary Clinton will be just plain dangerous. McCain might cost me a little in the pocket book, but at least I won't be dead.

    There is one caveat to all of this. When the military comes home, the men and women from our armed services will be for the most part conservative. They will come home with a better understanding of the world, and what is at stake. It may give us hope yet that all may not be lost.

    This is not the time for sitting out the election, staying home and playing tiddlywinks. We can't afford Hillary Clinton for even one year. If John McCain is our nominee, Republicans need to unify and vote for him. There is too much at stake.

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