Monday, December 31, 2007

The ad that was not to be by Mike Hukabee (AKA the Huckster)

I am not against negative ads, but Huckabee must really believe that evangelicals will follow him around like puppy dogs lapping up every word he says without question.

This is the story about the ad that was not to be that Huckabee decided to show before he didn't decide to show it after he showed it to the press. Got it!! In other words, it was a clever way to run a negative ad against Romney while trying to appear somewhat holier than thou.

The Huckster told a room full of reporters that he was planning to pull a negative ad because it was too harsh, but to prove he had actually made such an ad, he was going to show it to the press only once - the reporters, of course, burst out laughing. Even they weren't fooled.

This is similar to a lawyer saying something in a court room to which he knows will be objected, but once the jury hears it, its out there.

This begs the question Why was the ad made in the first place?

Huckabee's rational, "I only decided an hour ago to pull the ad." - Yeah right!

In that ad, Huckabee says about Mitt, "If a man is dishonest to obtain a job, he will be dishonest on the job - hmmmm" Who is he fooling?

I guess Huckabee has never heard of Youtube.

Honest Huck does not equal Honest Abe.

Now the real reason: Huckabee is broke. He has no more money to run ads. While the other candidates continue to run ads, Huckabee plays the American public as fools. This negative ad was already shown on Fox News, Hannity and Colmes and O'reilly factor several times. So, instead of having to pay for an ad only in Iowa, he now was able to enjoy a free negative ad that reached a national audience. The o'reilly factor and Hannity and Colmes are the two highest rated news shows.

Update: an non-partisan website that investigates claims of all stripes has discovered that the negative ad that Huckabee said he was going to pull has actually aired three times in Iowa. In part, the piece reads:

According to the Campaign Media Analysis Group of TNS Media intelligence, the ad appeared Dec. 31 on WHBF-TV and KLJB-TV in Davenport and on KCRG-TV in Cedar Rapids. The ad ran once on each station. We will update this count as data for later dates becomes available. When we contacted the Huckabee campaign for an explanation, a representative expressed surprise to hear the ad had been on the air. We'll update this with any explanation we receive from the campaign.

Read the entire article here:

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it is a sorry affair

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