Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Disenfranchised Democrat

How many Florida and Michigan voters were silenced?
One of the reasons the Democrats hate Bush so much is because of "Bush-Derangement syndrome", a mental disorder whereby reality is mixed in with fantasy, and the affected individual develops a mistaken belief that the 2000 election was stolen. This disorder so profoundly affects the mind that entire areas of Democrats believe that blocks of voters were disenfranchised hence the infamous recount and the stolen election.

It didn't matter that the Florida recounts happened to be in Democratic precints nor did it matter that the media went in afterwards and determined Bush would have won anyway. The Democrats still believe the election was stolen from them. You can hold reams and reams of documents showing evidence that supports the notion that Bush truly won, and these disease-ridden Democrats will still remain unconvinced.

So this is what I can't figure out. Obama is currently ahead in the delegate count and he is ahead in the popular vote, but only because the Wright controversy came out late, and the Democrats do not care about the will of the voters insofar as Michigan and Florida are concerned.

How is it that Democrats on the one hand believe that the election was stolen by President Bush on the assumption of disenfranchised voters? but on the other hand, they don't seem to mind disenfranchising the 5 million plus voters of Michigan and Florida.

The DNC says it was part of the rules. Well, can you tell me how many voters voted for these DNC rules?

No matter how you slice it or dice it, over 5 million voters have been disenfranchised. If Michigan and Florida were seated, Hillary not Obama would be the nominee. If I were Hillary, I would fight til the very end. It is not fair to exclude two huge states from voting for their respective nominee.

If they do not seat Florida or Michigan, we, the Republican party will welcome Florida and Michigan. Because as a voter, I would be mad too.

And, on a side note. We may not like Hillary's policies, but the one thing we can say is she doesn't give up.

Hillary today said, "If we had the rules that the Republicans had,I would already be the nominee." - she has got that right.

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