Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bashing Oil Executives

Senator Patrick Leahy, Senator Feinstein and other stupid Democratic senators were dragged in front of Congress once again, and some of the oil executitves were even asked their salaries, public information that can be obtained free from the SEC website, public information companies are required to file annually. These are public companies, and they work for the shareholders. Maybe congress should tell us their salaries

Bush begs the saudi prince to release more oil supply, Congress drags the executives in front of them for a dog and pony show.

Not one of these idiots does the obvious, drill for oil

According to wikipedia,
Energy Bill authorized drilling in ANWR, but a filibuster by Senate Democrats kept the measure from coming to a vote. In 1995, Republicans prepared to take up the battle again and included a provision for ANWR in the federal budget. President Bill Clinton vetoed the entire budget and expressed his intention to veto any other bill that would open ANWR to drilling

We have plenty of other sources of oil. Had Clinton not vetoed the bill, we would have already have ramped up the drilling in ANWR, and we would have set the stage for drilling in other areas.

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Dana Cheryl said...

Hear, Hear! You really are a genius. You should run for president!!!!!!!!!!!

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