Friday, May 9, 2008

Bernie Ward, the Blowhard of the left

I wasn't going to blog about this, but after listening to KGO last night, I couldn't resist.

I usually listen to conservative talk radio, but on occasion, I will listen to KGO radio even though it usually hosts personalities from the left or left leaning. The only political talk show personality on KGO who is not left leaning is Dr. Bill Wattenberg.

Bernie Ward commonly referred to as "The lion of the left" is an ex-Priest. He was one of the most abrasive and radical hosts at KGO radio. He does not tolerate anyone's views but his own. In addition to his own nightly show, Bernie also hosted a radio show called, "God talk" which was nothing but a bunch of sacrilegious bunk. I heard the most moronic of people call into his shows. Bernie also had his own version of the gospels, because what he taught was sure not scriptural.

Bernie Ward, a corpulent obese and obstreperous blowhard enjoyed his strident diatribes against the Bush administration, the conservative and especially the fundamental Christian. He even started his own church on his show "God Talk" thinking it droll and called it, "the Church of the Holy Donut." His views on eschatology included his belief that hell didn't exist, and he was intolerant of anyone else who had a different eschatological view than his. Ward had his own distorted view of the Bible. Spurred on by his vainglory of his background as a priest, Bernie would incessantly tout about how much he knew of the Bible while everyone else knew nothing. He taught theology at Cardinal Newman High School in Santa Rosa, CA. but his theology was the most bizarre of any theology I had ever heard. Reverend Wright's Trinity United might have been less radical. He didn't allow callers who were Bible adherents and knowledgeable to cite the Bible as proof that Bernie was wrong, instead these Bible-thumpers as he would call them would have to paraphrase, and then he would tail off into one of his rants and then hang up on them. Everything was relative according to Bernie's theology. Bad was only what you thought bad was and good was only what you thought good was. What God said was irrevelant. Do what feels good. If you were an atheist, you were going to heaven. It didn't matter who you were unless you were a fundamental Christian, then you were damned to Bernie's non-existent hell. Bernie's knowledge of the Bible was nescient to say the least.

Bernie would rant against the Iraq war with the same passion he railed against the fundamental Christian. Bernie also railed against the pedophilia in the Catholic Church.

Bernie Ward was recently charged with sending child porn via the internet, a crime punishable by five years in prison per image. It was actually hard for me to believe since Bernie was involved in a lot of Catholic charities. I did not think he was a predator. Several things did not add up. There was supposed to only be a couple of images that were sent across the Internet. Child predators would have many more than just a couple of images on their computers. Bernie Ward said it was for research on a book he was doing on hypocrisy (probably his). So where was the manuscript? Bernie Ward is the epitome of hypocrisy. It took the police several years before they actually charged him. Why did they wait so long? And why did child protective services allow Bernie Ward to keep custody of his children? Television stations even discovered chat transcripts in which he even talked about sexual acts with his children. Of course, that was just pure fantasy. He never did perform sexual acts on his children, but what father would even talk that way about his children. And, CPS let him keep his children.

Bernie's initial reaction to the allegations was to create a website, and try to get hired back on KGO, and at the same time raise funds for his defense. This was the height of arrogance on Bernie's part to create a website for the sole purpose of continuing his rants while trying to bring his flock together to support him. As details leaked out, I presume he decided that was not a good idea, and the website went down.

Today, however, several months after Bernie was fired from KGO, we find out more information, and now the Internet porn charges are beginning to make more sense. We discover that Bernie actually stated in writing that he sent between 15 and 150 images over the internet. We also discover that other priests had concerns about Bernie. At the high school where he taught, channel 7 has confirmed two alleged sexual misconducts while he was a priest. Rossane Schwab spoke of a beach outing where Bernie made sexual advances towards her. Click on Bernie Ward to check out the lurid details and other incidences.

So now we know who this man really is.

KGO had a comment section on their piece about Bernie Ward, and this is where it gets interesting. There were the typical rational comments on how some were appalled, etc, but there were also a slew of liberals whose comments were unbelievable. There was a barrage of comments on how his arrest was a conspiracy and a setup by the Bush administration, and that the Bush Administration wanted to silence him. I have news for you liberals out there – Bernie is not that important. Some would call in the talk show on Gene Burn's show or Karel's show about the conspiracy too, and at least the hosts did tell them it wasn't true. Then there were those comments about how people were torn up inside, and that Bernie represented a part of their life, and they were just so upset over it. Some called in the talk shows with teary eyes. You could almost see the lachrymose eyes. Others wrote comments about how their bubble had been burst, what were they going to do now? I listen to talk radio. These liberals are just nuts. Do they not have a life? These are talk show hosts. They are entertaining, some are informative, some are better than others. Most conservative talk show hosts are better than the liberal talk show hosts although I have heard entertaining liberal talk show hosts. I remember when Cynthia Oti, the financial KGO radio host, died in a plane crash, Alaska airline flight 261 from Mexico to California. I was somewhat saddened. This was a true tragedy, but I was also able to put it in perspective. She was not a family member; she was a radio talk show host. Liberals are just nuts. They don't know these people. The talk show host is doing his/her job, and he/she only hears a voice on the other end. Conservatives do not react this way. If you liberals really wanted to show your concern or support, and if you are believers, pray for his family and pray for him that he may seek true guidance from God.

Melanie Morgan knew him well, a former conservative talk show host from KSFO whom I respect says the following about Bernie:

The way he treated his family, for one thing, screaming at his children in public for seemingly minor misbehaviors on the many occasions he brought them to KGO/KSFO radio functions, and to our home.

It's not about personal responsibility. liberals don't seem to worry about the victims, Bernie's family, his children, the children in the pictures, the parents of the children. It's all about Bernie. This is the liberal mindset. They will blame anything and everything on the Bush administration even a child pornographer. It's not Bernie, he is a part of the liberal family, it must be the Bush administration. It's a sad state of affairs. I posted some of the comments below from the KGO website. These were mostly on the first page of the comment section.

....... I still can't believe this has happened. I cannot wrap my mind around this.... I have listened to Bernie for the last 18 years.,, and feel he is part of my family...
I don't know what to say.

- Crystal


My bubble has burst. I am crushed that Bernie Ward has fallen.He, like the other liberal talk show hosts have been my idols.Had it not been for them the past 7 years I doin't know that I would have survived this corrupt Bush administration.
My prayers go out to the Ward family and I hope and pray they can move past this and go on with theri lives. I hope Bernie can survive prison.
God bless them all.

- Marcus Vittitow


This reeks of a set up. Bernie was dealing with a powerful entity the catholic church. He angered a lot of pedophiles in the church hierarchy. So they pretty much had to "get him". Unfortunately Bernie helped them although inadvertently. It is tragic in more ways than one. A voice has now been silenced that was making the public aware of the evil that infests the catholic church. That evil is strong and Bernie underestimated it. Hopefully he will be able to write a book on this with the proceeds going to a legal fund for church abused children. Best of luck Bernie. Your presence at KGO will be missed and has changed my listening habits to say the least. Steve

Our family has listened to Bernie for years. None of us are without fault. We hope this situation resolves itself in a speedy manor so he can get back to what he does best. I hope KGO brings him back when this is all over. Still a fan!

I wrote in my weblog this morning that the bush Administration has won. the charges are irrelevant. the effect is dare not ever criticize the Federal government, or it will destroy you.


Anonymous said...

I remember talk show, whrere bernie Ward opened questions about why did WTC towers fall.
I wonder if such a daring talk show on airwawes is punished by sexual scandal.

435REX said...

You nailed it, Bernie has a serious character flaw, that I first noticed when he first started his talk show. The first time I was sure that Bernie was flawed was when on with him one night disagreeing, and making my case, he was getting real mad, the next thing I noticed was talking into a dead mike, he had cut me off in mid sentence,my wife came in from another room where she was listening to us, and said what did you say, what curse words did you use, she was angry with me,then I got the time delay part of our conversation after he shut me down,saying that I was cursing in a very foul way.That was when I knew Bernie was a slime ball, I heard from friends that laughed and mentioned me getting booted for swearing on KGO. So from then on I tuned in Bernie with knowledge of what kind of person he was, a very vicious angry man, who would go to no ends to win an argument. About a year later he pulled the same trick, so I'm pretty sure I was not the only one he has done this to.So over the years I picked up other on air behaviour that was strange if not sick. At one time he was asking listeners to fax him copies of their bare ass's from a copy machine, that was somthing that was going on at the time, another request he wanted listeners to e-mail him things that they did sexually that they were ashamed of, or the worse thing sexually that happened to them.One night he had a bunch of young girls from one of his kids class's as guest, and was asking one of the kids how many girls have had sexual intercourse in his school, what % did he think, At that time I saw him as a danger or at least very strange and not safe to be around young kids.To say the least Bernie was sick and a very mean man who would go to most any means to destroy to win an argument, never gave an inch or ceeded a point to any adversary, but that was plain to all who turned him on, an angry man who was vicious/nasty. All in all I agree with your article on Bernie 110 %. REMEMBER BERNIE ALWAYS ENDED WITH [ IT'S EASER TO ASK FOR FORGIVINESS THAN TO ASK FOR PERMISSION]

Thoughts of a conservative genius mind said...

Hi 435rex,

Thanks for your comments. I would Ocassionally call in, but like you I became disgusted with him, and decided it wasn't worth it. There are some liberal talk show hosts with whom I disagree, and I can at least dialogue, but that was far from the case with Bernie. So, I figured what was the point. After awhile, I just stopped listening to the guy.

Anonymous said...

I applaud you for your blog exposing the hypocrite that is Bernie Ward. Prompted by Leah Garchik's column in yesterday's SF Chronicle (May 20, 2008), I found KGO radio host Brian Copeland's show of May 19, 2008, in which Copeland rebutted defenders of Bernie Ward by relating 3 incidents that Copeland personally witnessed & experienced. Those interested in listening to Copeland, go to KGO's archives:, then click on 9-10 and 10-11.

I also read the transcript of the online chat between Ward & the virtual dominatrix "sexfairy":

Those who are still in denial/delusion should read the sordid transcript.

My question to "conservative genius mind" & others is this: "How do we know Bernie Ward was merely fantasizing about his children in his online chats with sexfairy?" Is it possible that Ward has corrupted his family?

Also, about that first child-porn photo that Ward sent sexfairy, which depicted a teenage girl touching a seated nude teenage boy, with an adult woman standing next to them. In the online chat, Ward told sexfairy that the adult woman is the mother of the 2 teenagers. Can this pic actually be a photo of Ward's own family?

Bernie Ward is such a pervert that I believe he's capable of *anything*--including corrupting & perverting his own family.

Thoughts of a conservative genius mind said...

Hi anonymous,

Thanks for pointing out Leah Garchik's column. I am going to try and listen to copeland's show.

The only reason why I didn't think Bernie actually did the acts to his kids was because they let him keep his kids. I hope he didn't. That would be the most disgusting part of it if he actually followed through with what he described in his chat logs.


stmichael said...


I'd be interested in your reaction to Brian Copeland's KGO radio show on Bernie Ward. The first incident was disgusting: a female KGO employee saw Ward masturbating while he was doing his "God Talk" show.

The third incident was when Ward was indicted. As he left KGO, Ward was crying & admitted guilt, saying “I’ve been doing really bad things for a very long time.”

If there is even a whisper of a chance that what he wrote to sexfairy about his children was real, the judge is insane to delay sentencing Ward until this August 28, so that he can go this son's hi-school graduation! Unbelievable.

Thoughts of a conservative genius mind said...

Hi Stmichael,

I am on the second hour of listening to Brian's show, and the first thing I have to say is that must have taken guts for him to do this. Bernie's family must be going through hell. I think everyone who listened to Bernie, (and I was no fan of his but I listened to him every once in a while) should listen to Copeland's tapes.

I also listened to Karel's audio in the evening, and I understand Karel's position. Politically I don't agree with Karel or Bernie on anything, but I turn on the radio in the evening and they are on, and on Sunday morning I sometimes would listen to Bernie.

But Bernie was so far to the left even in his biblical beliefs I sometimes had to turn him off. I called once, and from the reaction I never called again. I have called other KGO talk show hosts who have been more cordial.

I remember talking to Ray Taliaferro one night, and he was very cordial. I wrote about my conversation with Ray here

Now that is a true political junkie

stmichael said...

Bernie Ward's wife is Dr. Colleen Halloran, a pediatrician working in San Francisco.

How can a pediatrician (i.e., a medical doctor specializing in children & adolescents) NOT know of Ward's pedophile proclivities?

Thoughts of a conservative genius mind said...

That's a good question. Of course, a lot of times spouses are in denial when it comes to their other half, or they don't know what to do or they might be suspicious of something but don't want to rock the boat. I would hate to be in her shoes. I was curious as who his wife was since there was never any mention of her.

Thoughts of a conservative genius mind said...

why does his wife have a different name? That is interesting.

stmichael said...

There are married women who are professionals who use their maiden names. May be that the woman got established in her profession and THEN got married, so she kept her maiden name because she's already built a professional reputation under that name.

stmichael said...


Years ago, I briefly listened to Bernie Ward's Godtalk. Instantly got turned off. Was he really this moral relativist? He said there's no good or evil?

Since you've listened to his radio shows, perhaps you can go into more details as to his stance on morality? Thanks!

Thoughts of a conservative genius mind said...

Hi stimichael,

Yes, that is a good way to put it. Bernie touted his knowledge of the Bible, but he really knew very little which didn't surprise me. My brother who was an evangelical missionary studied to become a priest. He studied four years in a Seminary and two years on a scholarship in Belgium to become a priest. During that entire time, he never once opened the Bible. Instead they studied the Catholic theologians, Latin, Philosophers and everything besides the Bible. He left the seminary because he began to have doubts on the Catholic faith and he wanted to get married.

Bernie ward didn't believe there was any good or bad. It was all relative. That is why in my opinion he could do the Clinton thing while doing God talk. For him there was no hell, and the Bible was all allegorical.

The Bible was always a historical document on the Jewish people, but for Bernie it was neither historical nor was it inspired by God.

There were a lot of people who called in to his program who hadn't been to church for years but I think they recieved their so-called spiritual fulfillment from Bernie. Some would call and say, "I want membership in your church of the Holy Donut, " and he would reply, "You are member 2000 and something." Of course, his point was just sacrilegeous bunk. He was against organized religion and he hated the fundamental Christian.

My wife would often say when I had the radio on, "that's not true," and I would say, "I know."

I do not believe he believed what he espoused. I don't see how anyone could believe it.

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