Thursday, April 10, 2008

Moonbats foiled or let's play "find the torch!"

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I usually don't agree much with Mayor Gavin Newsom (that is an understatement) but what he did during the Olympic torch relay was awesome. The Moonbats were dumbfounded and nonplussed.

I was watching the torch relay on television, and the first person with the torch disappeared into a warehouse and wasn't seen for several minutes after that. It was a cat and mouse game. The route was changed so often, the television crew couldn't even find the torch bearer, and of course the Moonbats were left holding their protest signs (probably misspelled.)

Of course, the spectators were also left out in the cold, but that was the price to protect the remaining 79 runners. There were 80, but 1 had dropped out because of security concerns.

The city was expecting hundreds of arrests, but without television crews, what's the point? There were only three arrests.

I would have loved to be there with the map trying to figure out new routes to foil the protesters.

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