Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day – 38th anniversary

I remember the first Earth Day. It was in 1969. I was a Sophomore at Los Gatos High School. We were assembled on the front lawn, and Eddie Albert of Green Acres fame came to speak. I have always been a fan of Green Acres. This earth day however was the beginning of an environmental movement responsible for the banning of DDT, (a pesticide that controlled malaria in third world countries), responsible for the cessation of the production of nuclear power plants, responsible for stopping the drilling or exploration of oil, responsible for the global warming fraud, responsible for the corn ethanol fraud (causing food riots throughout the third world where food suppies have become more expensive and more scarce, such as indonesia because of a dearth in soybeans) and the list goes on.

And then we have Al Gore. This is from Newsbuster.org Al apparently has a hard time telling fact from fiction. He used a computer-generated image from the fictional movie, "The Day after Tomorrow." Oops!

It goes without saying that climate realists around the world believe Nobel Laureate Al Gore used false information throughout his schlockumentary "An Inconvenient Truth" in order to generate global warming hysteria.

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More bad has been created than good from this so-called earth day. I am all for being good stewards of the Earth, but we have gone completely insane.

Celebrate Earth Day - Destroy Capitalism - Michelle Malkin Of course Pelosi and her cohorts are already attempting to destroy capitalism with her killing the free trade deal with Colombia.

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