Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Ortega's new buddy

The Marxist-Socialist anti-semite and the newly elected Nicaraguan president Daniel Ortega met with Ahmadinejad. He boasted with Ahmadinejad that "Israel was a created state." Of course, Ahmadinejad doesn't recognize the holocaust. Let's not forget the pogroms against the Jews that occured decades earlier in Russia that started the political movement "Zionism." Israel was barren before the Jews emigrated to Israel. Iraq was also a created state. Can anyone guess to which direction Nicaragua is headed?

In "El Nuevo Diario" Carlos Tünnermann Bernheim writes (translation below Spanish) in his article "El futuro del país no puede ser regresar al pasado" or "The future of the country cannot be to return to the past."

Ahora, nuevamente, pareciera que se cierne el peligro de ingresar en otra confrontación, por la manera como se está manejando nuestra política exterior y los acuerdos que firma el Presidente, que incluyen no sólo cooperación económica sino también política...

Now, once again it seems the danger of joining another confrontation is hovering over us, by the way our foreign policy is being managed and from the agreements our president is signing, which include not only economic cooperation but also political cooperation...

It does seem Nicaragua is going backwards. When Ortega took power in 1979, he shut down the major newspaper of Nicaragua, "La Prensa." which at the time was anti-sandinista. I wonder how long it will take before Ortega starts censuring the press like his friend Hugo Chavez.

Ortega only won with a 38% margin, far from a mandate. And it was only through backroom deals that he only needed a 38% margin to win. From the blogs in Nicaragua, and the posts to particular articles, one gets the feeling, that the Nicaraguans are scared. They see what path Ortega is taking in Nicaragua, and they see visions of the past. In the previous election, Ortega's opposition placed banners that read, "Remember the past." The problem is much of the electorate was too young or not of voting age to remember the past. So far, it does not look good for Nicaragua.

We can thank Jimmy Carter for both of these despots, Ortega and Ahmadinejad. It was Carter who didn't look at the hostage crisis as an act of war, and instead of invading Iran, he let the hostage crisis drag on for 444 days, and it was Carter who was responsible for Ortega's rise to power in 1979 by removing support from the Somoza regime and giving support to the Sandinistas. But, what can you expect? Liberals love cozing up to dictators, and everything to them is a "police action." They don't even think that a "war on terror" exists. The planned attacks on Fort Dix and JFK airports were concoctions drummed up by the Bush administration.

The only thing that will convince the liberals will be perhaps a nuclear bomb detonated in a couple major cities, but then again that might not even wake them up.

Just one last statement, "Bush close the borders!" Pay attention! This is a national security issue.

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