Friday, June 29, 2007

Another Democrat Debate or Another Voyage into Lunacy

One can only wonder about the hypocrisy of the Democratic debate last night. Speaking about diversity at Howard University, an all black university, the candidates did nothing but pander to their Black audience. Clinton basically blamed the Bush administration for racism on its funding of AIDS.

The New York Times reported May 30th, 2007

The United States’ current campaign against AIDS, with $15 billion in committed spending, has made possible the treatment of 1.1 million infected people in 15 countries, most of them in Africa — an achievement Mr. Bush called “a promising start.” If America steps up its commitment to $30 billion, 2.5 million people can be treated and as many as 12 million cases of infection can be prevented, Mr. Bush said.

So who is Clinton kidding?

Biden said he and Obama were both tested for the AIDS virus. How Sweet! I wonder if they made the appointment together. I can honestly say that I have never been tested – maybe it’s because I don’t engage in sexual practices that would be conducive to getting the virus. "I just want to make clear I got tested with Michelle” Obama said referring to his wife. Hmmm – maybe they are swingers?

They all lambasted this week’s Supreme Court decision by Chief Justice Robert, (schools cannot use race to assign students). Obama said, "If it were not for them," he said referring to race-based preferential treatment, "I would not be standing here." And my answer to that is, is that a bad thing? Of course, here you have all candidates speaking about diversity at a school where there is no diversity.

"This issue of poverty is the cause of my life," said John Edwards. Yeah, I wonder if anyone has seen his 28,000 square foot newly built house in front of a trailer park. Edwards has never visited the trailer park, and the tenants of the trailer park have expressed disdain towards him. I wonder if his 400 dollar haircuts are also evidence of “poverty as the cause of his life.”

USA reports:

Edwards' new house in North Carolina has become a symbol of what some see as a contradiction between his political image and the way he conducts his life. His challenge is to ensure that voters don't decide that it negates his populism.
Aerial photos of the 102-acre estate show a 28,000-square-foot home that's worth about $4 million and includes a recreation building with basketball and squash courts and swimming pool.

And, of course - not one question on the failed immigration bill, the most important news item facing this country in the past several months - go figure!

So what can we expect from all of these scary Democratic candidates

1) Higher taxes and the repeal of Bush’s tax cuts
2) Socialized health care – look to Europe or Canada if you want to see what a disaster that is, or take a stroll to your local clinic with Medicaid patients.
3) The legalization of half of Mexico.
4) The growth and strength in the ferocity of Al-Qaeda
5) A sympathetic ear to the plight of your local dictator (Chavez, Ortega, Ahmadinejad)
6) The beginning of a new censorship with The Fairness Doctrine . Top leading Democrats are supporting it. These so-called advocates of free speech cannot compete in the marketplace of ideas on talk radio, so they use the government to suppress it.

I cannot understand how anyone can be a Democrat. It falls in the face of all logic.


sims said...

I'll be brief, for a change...

It is the Democratic Party. Newt Gingrich has been refusing to call it that since 1994, and myriad mental midgets find it cute. It is ignorant, like "nook-yu-lar."

Speaking out against getting an AIDS test is kind of silly, don't you think? Some are more susceptible to getting the virus than others, but you don't know something until you know it. Preaching ignorance while trying to be clever isn't helpful.

John Edwards is no longer allowed to speak on poverty because he owns a giant home? Please advise all the white people to stop talking about racism. Thanks.

I'm awfully sure that you understand that there is a difference between single-payer health care, and socialized medicine. Trotting that phrase out is simple Freeper talking points, and you may as well just type out "HILLARY CARE" in all caps. Oooh, scary.

I cannot understand how anyone can be a Democrat. It falls in the face of all logic.

I'm not a Democrat, but I will offer this: Dick Cheney.

I eagerly await your defense of the vice president's criminal activity.

Wow, that wasn't brief at all.

Thoughts of a genius mind said...

Thanks Sim for your comment but...

Its not the Democratic Party? News to me. If you engage in monogamous sexual activity, there is no need for an AIDs test. If a Republican had said what the candidates said in this debate, the media would have been all over themk, but somehow the Democrats get a pass. The candidates said everyone in the audience needed to have an AIDS test - are they saying that blacks are promiscuous - that would be the only reason you need one. Second, when Obama said he went with Michelle, the implication was he was not gay (I thought AIDS was not a gay disease), and why would he need to have one with Michelle unless they were not monogamous.

John Edwards speaking on poverty is like a Catholic Priest speaking on marriage. Both know nothing about the two. America is the only country you can come from nothing and become something. Even you must concede that someone who has 400 dollar haircuts would have a heard time understanding the poor.

You can try all the semantics you want, but what Hillary wants is Socialism.

Dick Cheney has not been charged with any crime, so I have no idea what you are talking about.

By the way, I am not a Bush fan, he is not a conservative, he has spent us into oblivion. I liked what he did in the beginning of the war on terror with Afghanistan. Kerry would have been much worse. I saw what Kerry did with Nicaragua.

I believe we needed to go into Iraq, but I do not believe he has prosecuted the war properly, and even as the president has lost this debacle of an immigration bill, he won't close the borders.

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