Thursday, June 7, 2007

Immigration Bill Killed

Michelle Malkin has been liveblogging this flawed Immigration Bill all day. A second attempt at cloture failed. Senator Jeff Sessions from Alabama lists twenty flaws he saw with the bill Its good to know there are still some who are not RINOs. I wonder what spin President Bush will use now? How will he blame his Republican base? Will it have been empty Rhetoric filled with empty platitudes or some nonsensical slogan?

The fear is now that this bill will be resurrected only worse if Hillary Clinton takes the white house. Expect another massacre of Republicans in the Senate again in 2008 with so many Republicans siding with Kennedy and as Michelle Malkin coined, "This Shamnesty Bill." Can't these people see what the liberal immigration laws are doing to Europe.

Sarkozy is clamping down on illegal immigration through incentives and quotas. He plans to expel thousands of immigrants a year.

Imagine what will happen with the chain migration when Bush starts bringing over the Iraqui refugees, and the future Jihadists that will come with them.

I ask my daughter, "Do you know why you don't have to buy a lottery ticket to win the lottery?" She responds, "Why?" and I answer, "Because by being born in this country, you have already won the lottery." Let's keep in that way.

Until there is a fence, and proper security, there should be no talk of amnesty. Plug the sieve first, and then let's sit down and talk about controlled migration, and a guest worker program.

Some Final thoughts from Michelle Malkin

As annoying as Reid's refrain was, he is right: This was the president's bill. This was the monstrous sham that President Bush tried to ram through the Senate with his pal Teddy Kennedy--subverting the committee process, attempting to cram it in before the Memorial Day holiday, rushing to limit debate, and then complaining about delays. This was the bill President Bush sent conservative-bashing bureaucrats like DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff to peddle on CNN. This was the bill President Bush championed while deriding critics as fearful bigots and running away from building the fence he promised to build.

If the White House thinks conservatives are going to forget whose bill this was and the tactics the White House used in its failed attempt to ram it through Congress, they better think again.

If Lindsay Graham and John McCain think their abominable behavior is going to be forgotten, they better think again.

All is not lost within the Republican Party, though. Watching the floor debate closely the past week, I can tell you that we have three staunch, eloquent conservative defenders in Sens. Sessions, DeMint, and Coburn (though I'm not sure why Coburn didn't vote on cloture). Unlike President Bush and the pro-amnesty Republicans, these three Republican senators stand out in their understanding and appreciation of the rule of law, the past historical failures of shamnesty bargains, and the vital nexis between border security and homeland security.

I can't let the night end without also noting the Democrats who defied Reid. Without their votes, shamnesty would be alive and thriving. Whatever their reasons, they chose the right side

Final Roll Call: (click to view larger image)

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