Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Republican party torn asunder?

In a complete about face, Bush is now trying to appease the left by embracing the myth of global warming

Should I say Hello Arnold?

And Al Gore must be correct, he says that there is a consensus among scientists on Global Warming. Read here Nasa's top scientist Michael Griffin questons Global Warming Oh no! That is like questioning the second coming to the Global Warming religious fanatics. What heresy! Will Griffin be fired from Nasa? Sounds like a consensus to me.

What is going on here? Ok, Bush got the economy going by decreasing taxes, he correctly and steadfastly fights the war on terror - congratulations, but...

1) His prosecution of the war has been dubious at best. He fights the war as if we are playing tiddly winks. The benefit of the doubt always goes to the terrorist.

2) He lambasts his base for being against a massive amnesty plan. He thinks his base is full of idiots. if you put lipstick on a pig, it is still a pig. He says trust the government to secure the borders - we've done that. He is offering the Mexican-Americans citizenship, and what do they do, they boo Miss USA. Bush is destroying the Republican party. Any proposal by Kennedy and La Raza should be suspect anyway. Imagine a party of White Americans called, "The Race." Even the New York Times reported Bush's disdain for his own Republican party -

President Bush today accused opponents of his proposed immigration measure of fear-mongering to defeat it in Congress, and took on his own conservative political base as he did so.
“If you want to scare the American people, what you say is the bill’s an amnesty bill,” Mr. Bush said this afternoon at a training center for border enforcement agents located in this town in Georgia’s southeastern corner. “That’s empty political rhetoric, trying to frighten our citizens.”

This amnesty bill is our answer to 9/11?

3) He signs into law a massive medicare drug plan when medicare is already going bankrupt.

4) He signs the McCain-Feingold finance reform bill which has turned out to be a bonanza for the left, the corrupt George Soros and

5) His loyalty to those who work for him is so strong, he refuses to fire anyone who proves to be incompetent (i.e. Mineta)

6) His spending has been out of control (even without Iraq). Reagan tripled the deficit, but Reagan's purpose was to bankrupt the Soviet Union which he successfully did. There is no point to Bush's spending.

I believe that going to war with Iraq was a necessary evil. To this day, I believe there were WMDs in Iraq. Hussein had eight months to get rid of them, and even if he didn't have them, the plans were there to reconstitute them.

Mr President, there is a reason your poll numbers are low. Get it through your head, the left will always hate you. What is next? - A private screening of Michael Moore's Movie Sicko.

We need someone to give back the power to the people and return us to the conservative movement from whence we began.

Today's wallstreet journal opinion piece by Peggy Noonan is a must read.

In part Noonan writes

What conservatives and Republicans must recognize is that the White House has broken with them. What President Bush is doing, and has been doing for some time, is sundering a great political coalition. This is sad, and it holds implications not only for one political party but for the American future

I have a liberal friend who always says, "Bush is an idiot!!" Was she right? My fear is Bush has opened such a wide chasm, the Democrats will regain the white house and then we will all be in trouble.

Mr. President, if the Democrats win in 2008, it will be your fault. You are a neo-liberal, and you have abandoned conservative values.


sims said...

Many accurate statements in your post, although your opening line suggesting Bush is appeasing the left by acknowledging global warming really makes no sense.

Why would a lame duck president, with no more campaigns to run, bother courting the people to whom he's been giving the finger for the past six years? It seems like if he just wanted his poll numbers up, he could mention gay marriage, flag burning, or remind us how Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran attacked us on 9/11.

You thought it was Saddam? That was never the case. We have always been at war with Eastasia...

The idea that Bush would even bother paying lip service to the left is laughable. He doesn't care what the left thinks. And it would appear that the light bulb is coming on for you that he doesn't care what the right thinks, either. He only cares what he thinks, about the haves/have nots economy, this failed war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and most importantly, that he is getting all of his best advice directly from God himself.

Watergate is one of my earliest memories, and I can't believe how much this clown makes me miss Nixon.

And the Mexicans booed Miss USA. Finally, a good reason to build that fence. Well, you can't spell "Mexicans" without "a-x-i-s." We've started wars this decade for worse reasons.

The bombing begins in five minutes.

Thoughts of a genius mind said...


We finally agree on some points here. You may be right. Bush may not be trying to appease the left on Global Warming, but it is a left agenda. I can't figure this guy out. I figured once he won his second term, he wouldn't care about the polls. I was right in a sense, he doesn't care about the polls but for the wrong reasons. He is sticking his middle finger at the people who elected him. Clinton didn't even do that. I surmise his poll numbers will be below 20% by the end of next week. And you are right, I suspected that he didn't care for the right for a long time, but he put the nail in the coffin with the soon-to-be-passed bill of his and his comments basically stating his base was full of idiots. We haven't agreed on much, but we do agree on this.

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