Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The GOP debate May 15 - if I may opine

So, who got to watch the GOP debate last night? I think, there should have been at least ten more people to add to the ten they already had. Then, maybe it could have been like a church social. Every candidate should have been required to wear a “My name is _____” tag. - You know those tags you are suppose to wear at church. I am a political junkie, but I swear, I didn’t know half the guys up there. I mean who was that guy with two first names, Ron Paul or Paul Ron – Geez!

Now everyone knows that President Reagan was the greatest president of our time. But, I think we should make these debates a little less boring by making them into a game. Ok – ready, anyone who invokes the name of Reagan will automatically have to sit down. By the end of the game, I would bet five would be the only ones left standing.

For those people who no one knows, those impecunious characters that have trouble raising enough money to stay in the race for more than a week after the initial primaries, need to get their names out with a one line zinger that will be in the newspapers the following day. Of course, I am not talking about Ron Paul who blamed 9/11 on the U.S. for our policies in the Middle East. Yes, everyone will know who he is, but at the same time, we will wonder if he got his talking points on some conspiracy website or from Rosie O’Donnell. He is the one person that if nominated, I would consider Hillary Clinton. The diatribe from Ron Paul did, however, give a great opening to Gulinani when he rebuked Ron Paul, asking him for an apology at the same time. And, the fight is on…..

Guliani must have listened to the press from his last debate. He needed to talk less about abortion and more about 9/11; Ron Paul gave him this one.

Tom Tacredo said we need a Jack Baur – good one. Romney said, “My fear is that McCain-Kennedy would do to immigration what McCain-Feingold has done to campaign finance and money in politics, and that’s bad." – Nice. Huckabee said “we’ve had a Congress that’s spent money like John Edwards at a beauty shop.” when asked about taxes and spending. John McCain used the same drunken sailor line he used in the first debate – Time for new material. Ok, one of the candidates (I can’t remember the name) said that there are as many scientists who believe global warming is not caused by human intervention as scientists who do. Finally – someone is challenging the global warming myth. It’s about time since it is quite popular. Even the left got to most of the Republicans on this one.

McCain was McCain. He defended his Kennedy-McCain Immigration bill stating the Fort Dix six were here illegally on visas. Didn’t anyone tell him that at least two of them came from the Mexico-Texas border? He defended his no-torture policy, and he said we need to reach out to our friends. Did anyone tell him about the change in presidency in France with Sarkozy who has stated he wants to be our friend in spite of our differences, or with pro-American Angela Markel in Germany? There is the new conservative party leader Stephen Harper in Canada. When confronted with his anti-Republican issues like the McCain-Feingold bill on finance reform (which gave rise to the corrupt George Soros), he said, “I don’t intend to block things.” You are telling me – even if it means lying in bed with the most liberal of Democrats. Not, in my wildest dreams would I vote for McCain.

The more I learn about Mitt Romney, the more I like him. I think Giuliani would make a good president. Before 9/11, I would automatically exclude a candidate if he were not pro-life, but that issue has been somewhat pushed aside for security. It is said that Giuliani is the only one who could beat Hillary. Of course, we need someone who can beat Hillary, but Hillary has been making so many guffaws lately – it might turn out similar to the Sarkozy-Royal elections in France I want to hear more about Fred Thompson. Fred Thompson responded to Michael Moore regarding his challenge to a health care debate when Thompson wrote an op-ed about Moore’s trip to Cuba. We may be in for a good surprise from Thompson. NBC said they do not expect Thompson on Law and Order next season. . There must be a reason.

Is it too much to ask for a candidate whose first priority is the Security of the United States including the Security of the borders without amnesty, a candidate who believes in reigning in spending, understanding that tax cuts grow the economy, knowing that all life is valuable beginning at conception, and that global warming is just a ploy for more government intervention.

Well, that’s my take….

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