Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A dictator in Venezuela?

If you haven't read about Chavez shutting down the only television station RCTV that opposes chavez, read the following timeline of a Fox Journalist.,2933,275912,00.html

11:58 p.m.: Like clockwork, the channel goes off the air. The music stops; the TV now features a spinning “TVes” logo, which stands for the new socialist, Chavez controlled TV station.

People are crying and screaming. Grown men have tears spreading down their cheeks. The night is steamy and tempers begin the flare. People seem to understand that they have lost more than their favorite Venezuelan network; they are continuing to lose their country to a man intent on becoming a dictator.

Jimmy Carter and Cindy Sheehan must be jumping up and down for joy. I wonder what Ortega is thinking in Nicaragua, of course he doesn't have the oil Chavez has. Pay attention United States, Chavez presents a real threat to our security especial the way he has been using his oil money to buy the loyalty of other Latin American Counrities.

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