Wednesday, January 14, 2009

24 – Jack Bauer is Back


Okay, I have to admit 24 is the best show on television. Well, there might be one other but it's in a different genre. It's Cuéntame Como Pasó produced by (Televisión Internacional Española) – Okay, so no one has ever heard of that show.

I digress

Jack Bauer is the quintessential person I want to see handling the war on terror or 100 people like him. Don't you love it when he tells the Senate off, "Please do not sit there with that smug look on your face and expect me to regret the decisions that I have made, because, sir, the truth is, I don't." There was just something about that statement. If we had Senate hearings like that, everyone would be glued to CSPAN. If terrorists thought that there were actual Jack Bauers in the world, I wonder how that would affect the war on terror.

As I was watching, the first episode, who do I see as an FBI agent, the far-left so-called comedian loon Janeane Garofalo. I thought that was bizarre. Janeane was asked why she was on the show. Janeane replied, "I got a call from (24 co-creator Joel Surnow). I was initially very reticent to do it, because I heard about the right-wing nature of Joel's politics and the torture-heavy scripts. And then I thought, 'I'm unemployed!' " Now, I am not a fan of Janeane's but that was one funny answer. I guess reality sets in no matter what political persuasion you are. And, to tell the truth, she is not a bad actress.

The first night, I was wondering where Chloe was but then the second night she appeared with the remnants of CTU. It looks like Janis Gold, (Janeane Garofolo) and Chloe will be battling wits in this age of computer technology.

So, 24 has begun with a bang, and if the show is good as it was the first two nights, then 24 will have a great run.




Virginia Gómez said...

Exacto! "Cuentame cómo pasó" es una de las mejores series que se han hecho en la televisión española. Los más jóvenes hemos aprendido mucho de nuestra historia gracias a ella. Los más mayores han visto parte de su vida reflejada.


Virginia Gómez said...

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