Thursday, September 4, 2008

Palin, a true conservative

I first heard of Palin a few months ago. I read her resume and I saw an interview she gave on CNBC. She came across very well, and she knew her energy. She was the woman who would give the impetus to McCain to change his mind on ANWR. She also has an 80% approval rating in her own state. The left does not know how to deal with this woman.

The media is out of touch with mainstream America. For years Hillary was the darling of the media until the "One", the "Obamamessia" came along, then without so much as a by-your-leave, this same media threw Hillary under the bus, so much so that Clinton considered Fox News to be "Fair and Balanced." Then comes along Palin, a strong conservative woman, and the barrage of attacks begin, Palin belongs to the Alaska Independence Party, a group wanting to secede from the union, Palin supported the Nazi sympathizer, Pat Buchannan, Palin's down-syndrome child was actually the love child of their pregnant daughter. One problem, none of the attacks were true. They were rumors created by left-wing bloggers like the Daily Kos and picked up by the mainstream media as fact with no sources, just scurrilous attacks in order to impugn the integrity of this woman. This was supposed to somehow deter Palin to drop out of the race. However, the media would have loved it had Palin been pro-choice, aborted her down-syndrome child, and convinced her 17 year old child to abort her child. Then, she would have been the left's heroine.

Janet Daily of the London Daily says,

"Like Margaret Thatcher before her, Mrs Palin is coming in for both barrels of Left-wing contempt: misogyny and snobbery. Where Lady Thatcher was dismissed as a "grocer's daughter" by people who called themselves egalitarian, Mrs Palin is regarded as a small-town nobody by those who claim to represent "ordinary people".

It is the left who engages in mysogyny unless the woman meets the definition of the left's view of a woman.

After Guliani gave his speech, there was no video, no introduction, Palin just walks to the microphone and begins her speech.

As Palin gave her speech to thunderous applause, she silenced the critics and proved to everyone she had what it takes. The cameras zoomed in on little Piper of 7 years as she groomed the hair of little Trig. Trig had to look good because his mom was about to give the speech of her lifetime. The speech was Palin's coming out party, and she proved that McCain made the right choice, something conservatives already knew. The left is running scared. The only thing they could say is well, "It was written for her." Well, duh!!! Aren't they all? What they didn't know at the time is that the teleprompter malfunctioned in both Giuliani's and Palin's speech. The speech kept scrolling up the teleprompter even through the applauses. Halfway through the speech, she was no longer following the speech on the teleprompter on the screen since it had scrolled too high. She was doing it from memory. You could not tell.

One of the more memorable lines "What's a difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull – lipstick" was not even scripted.

With poise and grace, Sarah Palin did what no other VP candidate would have been able to do. She changed the dynamics of this race. 38 million people tuned in to watch her speech, the same number that watched Obama's convention speech. And win or lose, she is here to stay.

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