Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain pulls rug out from under Obama

Last night we discovered Obama was in fact Zeus reincarnated as he delivered his fiery speech at Barackopolis with 80,000 swooning adoring sycophants. He wants us to believe that he is better on the judgment issue than McCain. He wants us to believe he is ready to run this country. While it was probably the best speech he ever gave, Barack Obama is in fact the most radical of any nominee this nation has ever produced probably more akin to the likes of Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua or Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. He doesn't have a clue about the economy nor does he have a clue about the world, yet his fans swoon over him.

I do believe McCain wanted to pick his friend Senator Joseph Lieberman. I respect Senator Lieberman, but you can not put a pro-choice Veep on a Republican ticket. He is probably one of the few democrats who has a brain, but this pick would have torn the party asunder. When McCain tested the waters, and floated Lieberman's name around, he found out what he would be up against. The conservative party would have been split. It would have been the narrative during the convention, and conservatives would have stayed home in droves, and the most radical candidate ever would have been elected president. We would have been in grave danger. After a rocky start, McCain is now running a magnificent campaign.

Today, however in this high-powered political chess game, McCain made a brilliant move by putting Obama in check possibly check-mate by selecting governor Palin (nicknamed Sarah barracuda) of Alaska as his VP choice. This move sucked the air out of Obama's convention and it pulled the rug right out from under Obama. This was a magnificent choice. This will galvanize the Republican Party, and it proves that McCain wants to win, and I now predict with this move McCain will win.

McCain should use his convention on spelling out his agenda and answering the empty rhetoric that was Obama's speech, and what Obama's policies will do to this country.


Anonymous said...

Governor Palin doesn't have enough experience to be VP.
As a republican myself, McCain gave the democrats the winning ticket (the presidency) by making such a mistake in choosing someone who has only won beauty contests besides now being "Governor".

Thoughts of a conservative genius mind said...

First anonymous, I sincerely doubt you are a Republican otherwise you wouldn;t be so vacuous in your thought process. She has accomplished more than Obama has in her years as governor. Obama has done nothing, and she is the number two spot. She has brought down a corrupt Republican administration in Alaska, and you might want to check this out by CNN money which I will be posting on my blog
So, you are not a Republican, that is evident. The Dems are now running scared that they have to go on conservative blogs and post anonymous posts because they know that Palin has more integrity and more accomplisments than Obama. In addition, I will bet you won't find any radical associations like you find with Obama. The difference is stark.

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