Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ron Paul nails it

Who out there is concerned about the devaluation of the dollar?

I am not much of a fan of Ron Paul. During the presidential debates, he comes off as a raving lunatic. His view of the world with regards to the war on terror is just plain nuts. But in his feedback to Ben Bernanke, the Fed chairman, he acutely and succintly exposes the problem of the dollar.

You often hear, the devaluation of the dollar is a good thing because we are able to export more goods at a lower cost. If there were a bright side to devaluing a currency then Argentina would be a wealthy country.

It is an oxymoron to say we are a world power while at the same time we devalue our currency - 40% in a three year time frame. That is almost par with a third world country.

Here is what Ron Paul has to say


Anonymous said...

Hi --

Good start, but ask yourself honestly -- has the war on terror fared any better over the past three years than the dollar?

Here is my challenge -- before voting for a candidate who will continue the GWoT as we understand it, go to any Arab country and talk to the "Arab Street" yourself. Without any media distortions -- no FOX, no al Jazeera. Just talk to people you meet on the street. I don't think you will agree with them, you may not even like them, but I do not think your conception of the struggle we are involved in and the strategy needed to prevail will remain the same.

It might cost you $1,000 or so, but your vote could wind up costing trillions of dollars and thousands of lives and degrading American influence even more than the dollar.

Think about it.

Annie said...

I'm trying to register at the Powerline blog debate thread, but it won't load, so I am sorry to be off-topic here. Wanted to address something you posted there just now:
MarkD Posted: 28 November 2007 10:17 PM
Jesus believed in the death penalty. In Romans, the bible speaks that the matter of one’s life if they break the law is left up to the state (paraphrased). Jesus believed in justice, and death is sometimes just.

Actually Jesus isn't quoted or paraphrased in that segment of Romans you refer to. That's Paul talking. He does say "the law has jurisdiction over one as long as one lives" so this can be construed as "accepting" the death penalty, but not "believing in." The example given is about a woman's husband dying, not that "Jesus believed in the death penalty". The next paragraph says "my brothers, you also were put to death to the law through the body of Christ..." so maybe there was some confusing the gist of the entire passage?

In truth, it's a real stretch to say "Jesus believed in the death penalty" just because He believed in justice. He didn't really believe in earthly justice, but He wasn't for earthly revolt against it. Quite different things.

That all said, I'm Catholic and even our catechism explains "the Church does not exclude recourse to the death penalty, if this is the only possible way of effectively defending human lives against the unjust aggressor." The Church "doesn't believe in the death penalty" however, saying "the cases in which the execution of the offender is an absolute necessity 'are very rare, if not practically non-existent.'"

All of the above, for what it's worth, is essentially exactly what Huckabee said.

I haven't picked a candidate yet, still researching. Just wanted to respond.

Thoughts of a genius mind said...

Response to Annie also posted as a comment on her blog.

Hi Annie,

Thanks for your response. This is also off topic. I think my response on powerlineblog must have crashed their servers, because after I posted that I could no longer get on, must have been the powers to be.

Actually, I agree with you, but I was posting fast, so I wasn't being very careful on what I was writing.

Yes, Romans was written by Paul, and it may be a stretch to say Jesus was for the death penalty. We do know however that he was Just in all aspects.

He made statements such as render to Ceaser what is Ceaser's, so he understood there was a place for government, and Romans although written by Paul was inspired by God.

I grew up as a Catholic, and I used to be against the death penalty, but it was actually in my study of Romans that I became pro death penalty. I realize there are certain situations the death penalty is necessary.

I also understand why others would be against it. But, abortions obviously as a Christian is unacceptable in any form. There is no question on that.

I always remember the bumper sticker my mother, who passed away last year, had on her car. "Aren't you glad you weren't aborted?"


Annie said...

I know, that PL blog was so slow! You're right it did bog down. Shame on you! 8^) (just kidding!)

I hear you on typing fast. They should have accomodated more on tonight.

I was thinking of the render unto Caesar quote too.

Ahh, abortion. A subject I have both lived, evermore regretfully and painfully, and written a lot about.

I'm one of the cobloggers at (the Who we are at upper right tells you what it's all about).

I don't think it's in the catechism, but I think the Catholic church only consider abortion in the event that a mother's life is in imminent danger. One example is an extopic pregnancy that will kill the mother if left alone.

That said, I could never, ever again, put my life ahead of an unborn child I was carrying, in any case, even if it was that I'd been raped.

I'm one of several hundred thousand women who chose abortion, some of us 3, 4 or 5 decades ago, who finally came to realize the horror of what we'd done. If I could go back in time and undo it, even if it meant I'd be homeless the rest of my life, I would do it, in a heartbeat.

I will never know the daughter I never allowed into my life. It's a grief, a shame I'll never outlive. I do that blog only to try to help even one woman avoid doing what I did. I'm humbled to say that we have helped more than a few women do just that, but it will never be enough to make up for it.

It is wholly unacceptable to me now in any form, but you'd probably be surprised to learn how many of us Christians resorted to it in our stupider, weaker, younger days. We can only hope to atone during the rest of our lives, and with God's grace, be forgiven.

It is nice to "make your acquaintance", Mark. God bless.

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