Saturday, May 16, 2009

Eurovision - and the winner is "Fairytale" from Norway

The Winner of the 54th Eurovision contest - Norway - Fairytale by Alexander Ryback

Alexander Rybak won (with 387 points) the 54th Eurovision in Russia 2009, singing Fairytale, a song inspired by Russian and Norwegian folk music. The song was composed and written by Rybak himself. The song is performed with the modern folk dance company Frikar. The song has received good reviews with a 6 out of 6 from Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet. In an ESCtoday poll he was the lead in a poll with 71.3% to get into the final from the semi he was in. Read the rest here.

Alexander won a wopping 387 points, a song inspired by Russian and Norwegian Folklore.

What the heck happened to Spain? Spain was the second from the bottom.

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Nomad said...

Rybak looks a bit like the guy who I hope will win American Idol -- Kris Allen

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