Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lovell Mixon - A Cold Blooded Killer


I will not provide a link to the group responsible for organizing the protests in Oakland praising Lovell Mixon for the killing of four police officers. Disgraceful doesn't even begin to describe the actions of these individuals who elevate a cold blooded killer to the position of sainthood. There is no difference between them and the Muslim fanatics who praise suicide bombers.

Where are the Jessie Jackson's and the Al Sharpton's of the world condemning the actions of this group?

Lovell's sister says the killer of these four police officers is not a monster. I beg to differ. Anyone who shoots officers, and then returns to execute them, and anyone who rapes little kids is a monster. The only response I have to the actions of these idiots is a short clip I remember in an art class I took in college. This is what I think should be done to these protesters.



Anonymous said...

And they are holding a vigil for this guy on 4/9/09 They are calling him a HERO! Can you believe this? When does a cop killer become a HERO?!?! He should rot in hell!

Mark said...

I know its unbelievable. One has to wonder about these guys

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