Thursday, October 18, 2007

Pete Stark Stark Raving Mad - or a Contiuation of the Bush Derangement Syndrome

This lunatic happens to represent my area. I have gone to one of his town hall meetings, and they are love fests with all the liberals in the area. Of course, What do you expect from a town that is 90% liberal.

Pete Stark needs to go, but he is entrenched as deep as Kennedy is in Massachussets.

This has always been Pete Stark's modus operandi.

Flood his switchboard with phone calls 510-494-1388 (fremont) 202-225-5065 (Washington)

Interesting tidbit - Stark voted against the original S-CHIP bill, before he voted for this current S-CHIP bill which Bush rightly vetoed which began Stark's tirade. Sound familiar - I voted against it before I voted for it. He isn't partisan on the issue is he?

God help us all. This is what we have to expect if the liberals retake power.

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